Boy's room background with different angle?


So I’m trying to show this bedroom in a different angle. Is there any custom backgrounds like this one?


how do you want it?


I want to get it shown in the right angle :slight_smile:


on the window?


I want it to show the bed


just the bed? is that correct


Not just the bed, but I want the whole room to be shown from the right side



is that what you meant?



I was actually asking for this angle. So its showing the bed and the poster walls


can you please explain more


okay um so this scene I’m writing is a girl sitting against the bed and the boy is hanging upside down the bed, so to write this scene I needed a full display of the bed.


so that’s why I wanted the room to be shown at that angle


so you need the camera facing the wall next to the bed? is that right


yes :slight_smile:


the boy that’s hanging when he talks do you want the camera to be foucesd on him upside down?


no I want the camera to be focused in a normal way


i am really sorry but it’s not working with me i tried my best. i am sorry


It’s fine :smile: thanks for trying to help me