Brain storm for my story

Hi! I’m making a love story and I need help.

Here is the information:
Kelsey, the main character, was told my her crazy ex Rory that he had cheated on her. 2 months on and she’s singing in a bar. She blanks out and can’t remember much else. What should happen next? Should the bad boy be revealed? Should I wait until the end to do that?

Give me your opinions!

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who is the bad boy? is that Rory ?

Rory Is the psycho ex. The bad boy is called Alex.

how about this:

After Kelsey hears from her now ex boyfriend that he cheated on her, she gets involved in a car accident. Two months later she wakes up from the coma she was in. Her ex is there. He tells her that he is her boyfriend and never cheated on her. Then the day after she meets an olf friend from school (who she doesn’t remeber). Can she remeber him or will be stuck with Rory forever.