Brainstorm cover ideas with me

The story is for the AW contest, and my premise is pretty simple; everyone with the XY chromosome (so cis men and trans women) disappears at once. The title is Generation XX.

The large cover is sorted. For now, the small cover is set to one of the MCs sitting at the desk of the Oval Office. I could draw that scene to make it look nicer than it does as an edit, or I could do something entirely different.

More info about Gen XX:

It’s set in Washington DC and tracks multiple MCs, none of them self-inserts. It’s not a utopian “oh yay the men are gone, earth is now paradise” misandry spin. It’s not Lord of the Flies, or the Purge, or Mad Max, or the Handmaid’s Tale either.

I can draw and edit moderately well, I just need an idea.

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hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… show all the main characters at once!

Ya and maybe add a guy fading away

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