Brainstorm ideas for a new story with me!

Hey guys,

I really need some new story ideas i previously was making one, but it now bores me A LOT, I wanted a romance sort of, just comment some ideas. If you want to use these ideas in the future you can still comment them I won’t use them if you just tell me you plan to use them. I just really need some interesting story ideas!

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tell me story ideas plesase

sis can’t spell sorryy

Maybe we should work on what you currently have? What’s your idea right now?

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I don’t really want to, I really am super bored with my last idea and want to start fresh

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Then what you dreamt of writing about?

I suggest creating your own story idea. Other people might not want to share their story ideas as they want to write their own stories. Maybe read some other stories and gather inspiration? Fantasy is a great category for that.

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If you’re bored of your previous idea, build onto it. Add twists and turns or crazy events to make it more interesting. Add bits of magic, horror, drama, comedy- anything that will fit with your idea. Even magic if you plan on making a Fantasy story.

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What about a story dealing with the family? I.e. a fight with mom, over powering grandma comes to town and meets friends, dad is sick and boyfriend is very supportive etc…

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