Brainstorming Story Ideas

What do you guys do when you brainstorm a new story idea? Get inspired by a movie? a tv show? watching sceneries outside among people? Think about your surroundings. Talking about things that you can also turn into a story? Reading books? What do you do?

For me, I think I get inspired mostly from tv shows, and movies.


I find I have a very active mind most of mine including my current idea are actually from dreams strangely enough.

Or sometimes songs

I do get inspired by tv and movie but tend not to act of them as I get scared they will be similar



I get inspired by little occurrences. So if someone made a comment about my outfit or the way I react to what someone said.
I usually end up taking the small scenario and create a character who would react/present differently then I end up writing a story about them.

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I have this thing kind of like a synesthesia so when I listen to songs, I create plots in my head. think of the music videos for old style taylor swift where the music videos told a story like guy and girl living next to each other writing notes etc, I see things like that in my head when I listen to songs. :slight_smile:

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Music? Nice!

oooooo, I like the idea.

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