Branching in different stories

Hey so I have a suggestion. I want to make a series of a story but in different stories. There are multiple love interests. I want to use the love interests that the reader chooses. I think episode should come out with a way to make stories part of a specific series, so you can branch what the reader chose in the past stories. Kind of like they did in Demi. Please take this into consideration and lmk if you need more clarification to understand what I said.

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Well if you are making sequels, maybe you can ask the reader at the start of the story to make a certain choice again, then use if/elif/else based on that choice. Or if it’s more than one choice that causes that branch then just make more outcomes. Hope this is the answer you’re looking for. If it’s not, please ignore :sweat_smile:

Iv’t thought of this. But, I think its very annoying for the reader to have to re-decide all those choices again, especially if they don’t remember what they chose.

Fair enough.

At the moment it’s a lot of work:

Would be nice if there was a simple way! Maybe you should put this in the suggestions section?

I put it in the suggestions section, lets see if something happens.