Brand new author needing reader and artwork

Hey guys! I am a brand new writer…just published my first every episode. I am both looking for readers and new artwork for it.

Here’s a little details about it:
Title: Rags to riches
Genre: Drama
Small description: Miss. Evans lives a sad, lonely life…abused by her mother. Fate comes into her life and she happens upon a stranger who will lead her to the truth about her past…
Help me get readers!!

Thanks!! XXXooo

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I can do your artwork for you and I’ll read it! It sounds very interesting!

OMG awesome!! Let me know how you like…I will be biting my nails nervously while you read it. Lol


Also, before I forget what artwork do you want lol.

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I am not sure yet…I am open to whatever you come up with…you will get a better idea once you read my episode.

I also forgot to send you the link to read it. :slight_smile:


I also do artwork far as covers and ads.

Awesome! I am open to all artwork…I will be sure to rotate it out and use it!! Thanks so much guys!!

My team @AmazementArtShop also do art!

Just mgs me when your ready just need main characters

I can do art for you!

link to my art thread….

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Yeah I am definitely interested in some art. Both a cover photo and some into art. A generic avatar works because I allow the players to change her look. She will have two possible love interests so that could be something. I will take any and all a use what I get. Thanks!

I have requirements for before I do the cover

Follow me Kelzblogs

Read my story one chapter at least

Send a name of the book, Author and, a small description