Break Up [GAME]


Chris I’m sorry to tell you this but I feel like you are just not right for me,
Ohh and I found out about you and your wife, happy life without me Pratt!

Break up with Kylie Jenner.


sorry Kylie, your songs are weird
BYE B****
jk jk don’t take in personally

Next: Toby Fox


Dear Toby,
Sorry but Fox’s are just too cute and I’m already married to my L. This won’t work out anyways so… let’s break up.

Next person breaks up with… your favourite actor


Dear James Bond,

Your handsome and all that believe me but your with Jessica…We can’t be together if your with another girl… We’re breaking up…

Next person breaks up with… your favourite teacher


Dear miss Jones, we need to break up, you make me love school even though I don’t want to, I hate how your lessons are always fun and I am forced to stay in the relationship because I have to see you 5 days a week and I think it’s best if I change schools so I don’t have to stay with you, you are really nice and a great teacher, but i also think the principal found out about our relationship, so if I don’t get suspended, I will change schools. It’s for the best. I will miss you and your perfect project and assignments.


Next: Americas got talent


What do you mean America’s got talent?


Break up with it, or can you only break up with people? I didn’t really read the rules.


Break up with Halsey


Dear Halsey,

I just can’t stand the constant whining about going in tours! I’m beginning to think you’re using me to get on magazine covers. What happened to “Don’t Let Me Down”? You were kind and caring Halsey, what happened? I’m sorry…it’s the only way…

Break up with your childhood crush


Dear Tre Tre hahahahah yeah we’re done actually we’ve been done for a while. Don’t worry I’m happily moved on from your…weirdness and a single Pringle enjoy life…or whatever your doing now.

Next: Pringles


Dear Pringles,

We need to break up… your always in the store waiting to be taken away… and you barley spend time with me… so we’re over hope you find a new fiance…

Next : Agent


Agent of what?


do like tom cruise or something




Dear Tom,

I don’t feel so sure about this…you broke your ankle because of Mission Impossible and refuse to quit… you barely come home and you don’t show love. You get into romantic relationships with girls in the movies you act in…no.


Next: Denzel Washington