Break Up [GAME]


Dear Landon Wilder,
Sorry, I have to break up with you because…idk why, you’re an episode character? XD
Plus you have Jade, so…bye.

Lol that was lame sorry

Your person is…

Justin Bieber


Dear Bieber,
Sorry to break up with you 'cause you have way too many fans of the opposite sex. Bye

Next: Taylor Swift


Dear Taylor, im so sorry but im not lesbian… i found out yesterday that i was straight, but my aunt is lesbian, so you have a chance there :smiley:

Next Person: Britney Spears


Dear Britney Spears, I’m sorry but I’m not in love with you anymore, after I heard your song criminal I saw you sleeping with that dude in the bed so your cheating on me! I don’t need any cheaters in my life, Plus I found someone better than you ever where. Good luck together! :smiley:

Next Person : Nicole Scherzinger


Dear Nicole, i loved you for a long time, but after i saw an article with you kissing with Grigor Dimitrov. I Couldn’t love you the same way so… by.

Next: Ariana Grande