Break Up [GAME]


Food <3

Hey, food… I love you and all but my doctor said I need to drink only. I’m sorry boo.

Break up with: LARRAY



Break up with Spider-Man ( Tom Holland )


I know you shoot spiderwebs out of your hand and all but this is just not working out bye bisssh

Next Break up with Channing Tatums


I’m sorry but I can’t date a stripper

Break up with Shawn mendes


Sigh Look Shawn, I know those songs aren’t about me. If you wanna get back with her, fine. I’m done with you

Break up with: Elizabeth Olsen


omg love it hahahah


Dear Elizabeth,
Let’s be real. I have no idea who you are, your movies and all that actress dookie. I heard you were famous from a friend and I took that opportunity. But you bore me now. So I’m breaking up with you, yeah. Leave some cash.

Break Up with: A Boogie