Break Up [GAME]



Break up with Spider-Man ( Tom Holland )


I know you shoot spiderwebs out of your hand and all but this is just not working out bye bisssh

Next Break up with Channing Tatums


I’m sorry but I can’t date a stripper

Break up with Shawn mendes


Sigh Look Shawn, I know those songs aren’t about me. If you wanna get back with her, fine. I’m done with you

Break up with: Elizabeth Olsen


omg love it hahahah


Dear Elizabeth,
Let’s be real. I have no idea who you are, your movies and all that actress dookie. I heard you were famous from a friend and I took that opportunity. But you bore me now. So I’m breaking up with you, yeah. Leave some cash.

Break Up with: A Boogie


Dear (wth do I call you)…

Im sorry, not sorry!! You cheated on me with a hooker!!! She was so damn ugly as well!!! IF THAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF ‘PRETTY’ WHAT AM I!! SUPER UGLY!!! it isn’t my fault you crashed the car and it messed up all of my botox! Bye bitch.

Break up with, Halsey


{Might Be The Wrong Person}

So, baby pull up closer to my mom’s house cause it’s over. Saw girl right in the corner of that mattress that we stole. From my heart, yeah I know, we ain’t never gone get closer.

Break up with 6ix9ine.


But that hair ew. no. your tattoos give me CANCER. You are not relevant anymore.and that voice. what is this a test lab because I have poisoning from your voice.

break up with



Dear Clairo

I am really not sorry. I have to end this, it’s not me, it’s you, everything about you, you hair, your body, your face, I have vote if I see it again and remember all my time I waisted on you. It might sound harsh but I don’t love you, and never did, I just loved your money. I’m sorry it’s over!!

Break up with Veronica from Riverdale


Veronica my love,
Im trying hard to see things from your perspective, but I can’t just get my head that far up my ass!! How do you do it! And honey if your final form wAs a heater, all that plastic would melt. And when they said 74 million people are psychopaths I thought of you crazy bitch. I smelt a cat food container and thought of you once again.

Breakup with Jay Z


Hey Jay,
Listen, you and I have come a long way with this relationship. But, I think it’s not gonna work anytime soon. I’m sorry if I made you feel some type of way. I hope you can forgive me.

Break up with Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


Jack, Jack, Jack. I know… your a sweet guy and all… a pirate.

But, you cheated on me last night, and I know it. I heard everything. I’m sorry, but bye bish

Break Up With Slenderman.



your arms are too long, and I can’t look you in the eyes because YOU GOT NONE.

break up with : Casey neistat


where do I even start, I don’t know everything about you is just wrong, your smile, your personality and your love, just to name a few. I came here to tell you its over, and GET THE HELL OUT OF ME APARTMENT, I mean my NEW apartment.

Break up with Sam from atypical


you are just too autistic for me

Kotas Banks (singer)


Hey… Kotas your just WAY too musical for me, I don’t like wayy too much color.

Break up with Markipler


Dear Markipler

I only got four words to say to you… YOU ARE UGLY AF!

Break up with Bieber


Bieber, Bieber. I know you Justin, but you ain’t Harry Styles.

Break Up with: Stranger Things



hey, ST, we’ve had some great times, but this relationship has completely turned upside down…i don’t think we can make it another 11 months…sorry.

Olaf from frozen