Break Up [GAME]


hey, ST, we’ve had some great times, but this relationship has completely turned upside down…i don’t think we can make it another 11 months…sorry.

Olaf from frozen


Olaf, your way too frozen.

Break up With Dustin.



Dustin, you’re way too adorable, you deserve someone better than me.

Phoebe from Friends


Oh shoot.


You are a friend but, I mean. Bruh, you have more friends than me :sob:

Break Up with EPISODE!


Episode, I’m sorry, but i’ve fallen in love with all of your Bad Boys.

break up with a puppy :broken_heart:


:sob: I have a puppy.

Dear my Dearest Puppy, you make me laugh, and joke. But, I’m sorry… I have a kitten.



drinks, you make me too thirsty, and that’s not what i wanna be

break up with pizza


Dear Pizza
Im sorry but im breaking up cuz i need to eat you NAM NAM NAM

Breaj up with Yourself


myself, you’re way too good for me,

break up with santa claus


Dear Santa

I saw you with that elf! BUSTED

Break up with Ariana Grande


Ari, I know your Dangerous but God isn’t a woman.

Break up with everyone


Hey Everyone

I like being lonely sorryyyyy

Hmmm… Break up with a spider


Hello, Spider

You were my life, but how am I supposed to hug you if you have 8 legs?

Break up with: standing up?


((I assume that’s not a celebrity and I’m actually supposed to break up with a VERB))
I just can’t do this anymore! You’re so tiring, I feel like I’m going to collapse the more time I spend with you! My friends all sit down but being with you means I’m the odd one out! It’s done, we’re over.

Break up with: My cat, Button


Hey button. I love you and all, but it feels weird saying a cat. We’re done.

Break up with: Twenty One Pilots


You guys are always kicking each other out of the band, I can’t handle it! I feel like I’m going to be next! The stress of touring with you guys is really getting to me. Sorry guys, but it’s over.

Break up with: Tyler Joseph’s ukulele (if next person is unsure of who that is just a regular ukulele)


Look Tyler’s ukulele, you and Tyler are obviously together. Tyler already has Josh/Jenna. Ukulele, you’re cheating on me and Tyler is cheating on three…people at once. I’d rather go out with his piano. We’re done.

Break up with: Tyler Joseph’s Piano( Regular piano if you don’t know who Tyjo is )


Hey Tyler,
I don’t know who you are and I think we are never gonna work. So, bye…I guess.

Break up with: Kimberly Hart - Pink Ranger (Power Rangers 2017)

Yellow is my favorite! :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart: :yellow_heart:


Hey person, look, I hate the color pink. Plus, you suck at fighting. We’re done.

Break up with: Spider-Man ( Tom Holland )


Nooooooooo!!! Whyyyy?! :sob:

Hey Hooo, Spidey…
I love you, bro. Like, I really love you. I know you are shy, a total geek, and sometimes too much annoying and obnoxious…but you are still awesome, bruh. Like, better than all other Spideys of whose legacy you have continued carrying on. I know the current Marvel underestimates you, but you are strong, bruh. And I shall break up with you cuz a certain forumer told me to. But, I don’t want any bad blood between us. You are the male Marvel character I relate to the most (except Nick Fury). You shall rise above everyone else! Be your cool self and make me proud, bruh! :yellow_heart:

Next, break up with: SHERLOCK HOLMES