Break Up [GAME]


Your vocabulistics are reduced to I and Am and Groot. So, it annoys me a lot. Fix it and then I can reconsider dating you. Until then, I break up with ya. Bye bye, bish :wave::kiss:

Break Up With: One Of The Vampire Diaries characters


Don’t forget the words we and are


Oh right, I forgot he said that too :joy:


You obviously don’t love me anymore. You could’ve told me you liked Elena and break up with me instead of cheating on me and breaking my heart. Btw Stephan and I are dating now :smiley:
~Have a good life xoxo Gabby
Break up with: A character from Pretty Little Liars


I’m really sorry I have to do this but we’re not gonna work. I’m sorry if I made you feel bad or like you were an awful person towards me, your not, your amazing. I have moved on with Emily and she’s agreed to be my girlfriend. Hope all is well.

Break up with: Cheryl from Riverdale! :joy:


I properly should have told you this before we came together, but I don’t like red. Actually I hate this color, and it’s not helping that you wear it all the time. I can’t stand to see you in this color. So I have to break up.
Have a good life Cheryl, cause it’s over. We will never see each other again, as long as you wear red.
But feel free to call me if you decide to choose me over this disgusting color.

Break up with Barney from “how I met your mother”


Barney …

Do I even need to explain this decision? I don’t like to have a shared boyfriend like some kind of a lot . I’m not a minority lot owner and I’m not going to stand for being only a minority of your hook ups.

Buh bye

Break up with Fitzwilliam Darcy (I’m sure he can handle another rejection)


Darcy, Darcy, Darcy, where do I even begin? Throughout the few years when I studied literature, I came to realise that you were every girl’s ideal dream man. But you’re so posh, so first class, that I feel like I don’t belong in your world. Besides, I think it’s pretty obvious that you still have feelings for your ex, Elizabeth. So long Darcy.

Break up with… Prince William


Prince William, I’m sorry but I need a break. More like a break up. We just don’t work out, I mean, you’re royalty and I’m just a normal person. Sorry William, but we’re over. This relationship wasn’t that good anyways. You were always busy with your royalty stuff that you never spent time with me… It’s all right, though, we’ll move on easily. I hope you find the right girl, or should I say right princess. Well, I hope you find the love of your life… So this is it… Nice knowing ya.

Break up with Awsten Knight


Awsten Knight, it was nice knowing you but it’s time to go our separate paths. I know you must be wondering why I’m breaking up with you, I mean who wouldn’t am awesome. But the problem isn’t me it’s you, and your hair, it’s to purple and it makes my eyes look dull when am around you and plus your never around. Your always busy singing and you never even wrote a song about me. And for those reason ( i can give more). WE ARE OVER. Sorry not Sorry. BYE

break up with Justin Bieber


Ok first of all… AREN’T YOU ALREADY MARRIED?! Like I don’t wanna date someone who’s cheating on their wife. You could have told me that you were in a relationship before we got together, but noooo you lied! Cheaters like you deserved to get a bucket of cold icy water splashed all over their heads, so I’m gonna go tell Hailey what you did. Bye loser.

Break up with: Memes


Ok this is going to be Quick. I DON’T LIKE YOU and your not even funny, not to mention to many people like you already. I don’t even know why I started dating, was I blind. This was meant to happen so good bye forever and don’t call me or make a meme about me.

Break up with Deadpool


Yeah I’m scared for my life when I’m with you. I think you’re hot, but I can do with a picture instead of the real thing with a constant fear of a psychopathic murder on my behalf. So … Bye … I’m changing my name and identitiy and residence just incase this letter gets you a little cross .

Sorry for this but I’ve never seen the movie and I think he’s a psychopatic murderer

Break up with : Johnny Depp


Johnny I didn’t think it would come to this, because I love u a lot. But the thing is wherever I go people know me as the girlfriend of Jack Sparrow because of the movie you stared in. And I want to be known as my unique self not the girlfriend of a movie star. And because of that it’s time to say goodbye, I will miss u. ( and if you’re wondering who took your sword I was the one, I needed money so I will sell it. Bye)

Break with Shawn Mendes


Shawny Boi (yeah I call you that because I am ridiculous :sunglasses:), I just wanna show you my list –

  1. I don’t like your songs that much.
  2. I think your voice is creepy shrilly.
  3. Stop being pretentious. You aren’t that pretty and besides, being pretentious is MY thing.
  4. My 10th grade exams are approaching fast.
  5. For the above reason, I am hyperventilating. I hyperventilate and overthink too much.
  6. You got lost in Japan along with some Koreans before I did.
  7. Stop thinking you are any better with Ariana Grande. Ari and Camilla are goals. You better back off, you stupid son of a hopefully-great-mom.
  8. I have been asked to break up with you nearly five times in this thread. Too many rhearsals have its perks, ya know?
  9. I type out too much random sh*t for my own good.
  10. I also talk a lot of random sh*t for my own good (and others too).
  11. Damn, I didn’t know I typed out this long.
  12. Oh sh*t, this list is getting too long –
  13. Cats are beautiful. Dogs suck.
  14. That was the last thing on my list, I swear. I just added the 14th item because 13 is an unlucky number.
  15. Oh wait, I think I forgot to add something else.
  16. Oh wait, I think I remember what to add now –

Break Up With @AS007 (it would be too easy, I swear :innocent:).


well let’s start with the fact that you think shawn mendes voice is “creepy” i mean why did i even start dating someone that doesn’t like shawny. Plus two ridiculous people can not be together. We would always fight about who is sillier and i would always win and you don’t like that. i just can’t handle the fact that you can’t handle my ego. soo am say goodbye to you.

break up with @RavenElla ( I want to see how you respond to this)


You like Shawn Mendes and think you are more ridiculous than me! You are like an egoistical child and I am like a forty-year-old senior citizen who jumps and shouts hysterically every time she hears Taylor frickin’ Swift’s name! We are like tornado and tsunami, fire and grenade in the mix. Disastrous together, so no no, we ain’t gonna work. Buh-bye! :kiss:

Break up with Anyone of your choice on the forums!



You’re an anti-vaxxer. And you don’t belive in medicine. (I can proove on myself that medicine works) Nuff said.

Break up with Danny Masterson (this should be pretty easy)


Danny, we have to break up. The truth? I’m wasn’t entirely certain who you were until I googled you. You’re living in the 70s man, you need to step into the 21st century.

Break up with Supergirl!


Sorry Supergirl but you and me are not gonna work out, I just can’t handle the fact you need to save everybody you are literally too good for me, I like your lil outfit though.

Next person can break up with: Newt Schmander