Break Up [Game] 💔

idk who that is…


Dat is Lil Nas X’s first name. :nerd_face:

I wanted to do something :sparkles: special :sparkles:

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i meant what is “Ivy League”


Oh Ivy League is a list of the 8 top colleges . . .

  • Harvard University (Massachusetts)
  • Yale University (Connecticut)
  • Princeton University (New Jersey)
  • Columbia University (New York)
  • Brown University (Rhode Island)
  • Dartmouth College (New Hampshire)
  • University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania)
  • Cornell University (New York

But . . . if that sounds boring (just go ahead and break my heart will yah? :sob:)

Then I guess you could break up with the nature aesthetic.

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Say less. :smirk: Actually having a hard time with getting into the university I want right now, so… :sweat_smile: :sweat:

Dear Harvard, Yale, Princeton, + 5 others,
You all need to grow the fork up! You think you’re all that and a bag of chips, but it’s time y’all faced reality. You set your standards so high that no self-respecting person can ever get in. The only ones you do accept are the fakes who pretend for a while just so they can brag, put it on their resume, and leave you high and dry. But people like me, who actually want to take this seriously, you turn away because I “don’t make you look good enough.” When are you going to realize that you won’t find someone better than me?! I’m more than willing to go the extra mile to make this work. But you just keep playing your immature, snooty games. Keep this up and you’ll soon find yourself old, used, and alone.


Give one for the next person to break up with


Oop, my bad.

Break up with a holiday of your choice


Dear Valentine’s Day,

Yk what, Lemme get right to the point.


I have wanted to do this for a while but I had to do it today when I received some very harsh news last night. You see, someone saw you cheating on me. How could you???

You said you loved me!!

You brought me all those mushy gifts (which tbh I hated since they were too mushy) and we spent a year together. I let you decide what colour dress I should always wear and even though I hated the colour pink I wore it nonetheless … Is this how you pay back??

I really hope karma slaps you on the face before I do…

Have a horrible life


(For the next person if your a girl, break up with your period, or if your a boy or don’t want to break up with your period , break up with Netflix/ amazon prime :slight_smile:


Dear Period
I know this is all of a sudden but I can’t do this anymore
In the past years, you have given me a lot of pain and I know it will hurt you but I can’t deal with this anymore. I am not sure that I will miss you or not but you will always remain in my memories.
Bye :sob:

Break up with pizza! :skull: :rofl:



I know I’ve been acting weird lately. At first, we hung out every week, but now I don’t feel like seeing you so often anymore. I tried to meet somewhere in the middle, and scheduled dates with you every Saturday night. But unfortunately this is too nauseating for me. I can’t eat all those fats every week, pizza!

Not to mention, you started to wear all those exotic toppings—like pineapple! Pineapple, pizza! Really?

Yes, I remember clearly what I said. That we’re both from Italy so it was meant to be. Though it seems like I was utterly wrong, since now you think that being Italian is not cool anymore. And I was willing to put up with you trying out new toppings because you still smelled delicious. But with pineapple you really crossed the line, pizza.

I’m sorry, but you’ve changed! And this is just not working anymore. I hope you’ll have the time of your life with those toppings, without me. Why don’t you try dog poop next time, maybe you can get yourself a fly :wink:

Break up with the last song you’ve been listening to non-stop.


Oooh the last song I’ve listened to was ‘Black Widow’ by Iggy Azalea (an old song but a good one!)

:heart: :microphone: :musical_note:

Dear ‘Black Widow’,

You are perfect. I mean it, you really are. But you are too perfect. Sometimes it feels like I can’t keep up or can’t do anything right. Sometimes you have the sass, which I love but the mood swings you bring . . . we just aren’t working.

I truly hope that you will find someone worthy of you in the future, but now I need to take a break.

Thank you for everything,
A obsessed viewer that doesn’t know how to criticize music . . .

:heart: :microphone: :musical_note:

Break up with the color of your eyes?


Dear blue,
I know we’ve been together for a while, and it was going great for a while there. But recently you’ve started to change. First you got jealous and started looking more green. I swear he was just a friend! You didn’t have to scare him off, he was gay anyway! :sob: Then you started going all gray and depressed. While I put up with it for a while, I just can’t do it anymore! You’re like a storm cloud always raining on my day. I can’t deal with the instablility, I’m breaking up with you! Hopefully you find a better, more patient girl.

Fun fact: People really do say my eyes look different colors on different days. :woman_shrugging:

Break up with your favorite Netflix series/TV show.


Dear Lucifer

Lucifer, Lucifer…I Love you so damn much the first time Noah introduced you to me I was so happy that I binged watch you Every single day…but life brought in so many challenges that I think it’s time we split up just for now, You were always my happy place and I even had a few crushes on the cast(Not gonna say who tho) I know this is all of a sudden but I need to get myself back together you know? I hope you really don’t mind I still love you :black_heart: but it’s Time to part ways

I am sorry…Love :black_heart:

Break up with your favourite Episode story


Haha I love this!

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