Break up {Game}

Saw this fun idea from @SillyCupcake22233 original version!!

Player 1 will name a person (Whether a celebrity, a person here on episode, a character from a book/movie. Whoever. )

For example: Harry Potter

Then, Player 2 will need to post why they are breaking up with that person (Preferably in an extremely overdramatic way)

For example:
I’m sorry Harry, but this relationship isn’t working out! It’s not you, it’s me. I just feel like your feelings for Ginny/Hermione is just to great! I don’t think you love me anymore! Also, I just can’t be with a wizard, when I’m ajust a muggle! Imagine the teasing our (Imaginary) half-blood children would get from the nasty slytherins!

I’m sorry Harry, but we’re done!

You can either write in the point of view if yourself, or another character in the movie/book/Whatever etc It is up to you!

But please, be appropriate with your break ups and don’t be too mean. And always remember to leave the next person for someone to break up with so we can keep the game going


Here’s who you’ll break up with first: Donald Trump!

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Donny, I can’t help it. But I told you soo many times → Leave my orange hairspray alone!! All the hairspray ends all over my bathroom, while I even couldn’t use it myself this week. You used my hair-dye and now my orange hairspray. All that orange in my bathroom, it’s driven me crazy!! Get out of my house!! Now!!! It’s over!! I totally loved writing this!!! :clown_face:

Next break up: Michael Jackson


I’m sorry Michael, I can’t stand all the heehees and constant dancing. You even moonwalked into my grandpa’s funeral the other day. Will you stop moving while I’m trying to talk to you! Is this really the time to be grabbing your junk?! I’m leaving, and I’m taking your moon man!

Next person: Mr. Beast


I’m sorry Mr. Beast, but you spend too much time on that god damn YouTube. You’re so obsessed with your videos and you never devote enough time to me. We never can do anything together, and we’re always apart. I need somebody who wants to spend time with me.

Next break up: Steve Urkel


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I’m sorry Steve, I’m so tired of all the books and research papers in our bed! When my grandma died, you blurted out, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”. Steve… that’s EXACTLY what she said, when she fell down the stairs. I can’t deal with all of your friends coming up and asking me, “Where’s Urk man?” or even, “Where’s Jerkel?”. Listen this has to stop! I can’t deal with it ANYMORE! Like you always say, " I don’t have to take this." It’s 100% not me, it’s you. We can get back together when you can figure out how not to be a…Jerkel!! It’s over- GOODBYE!

Next break up: Bill Cosby


All I can say is that you drugged me and did you know what. You seriously belong in prison for what you’ve done, and I’ll forever live with PTSD for what you did to me. I seriously cannot live with a monster like you.

Next breakup: Bruno Mars

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Bruno I know we have been through so much but it’s just gonna have to rain. I don’t have her eyes and they aren’t making the stars look like they aren’t shinning. Im sorry i just can’t take the top hats anymore. I mean your amazing just the way you are but our relationship should be easy to come so i need you to easily go. I can’t take how when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a WHILE. I don’t think i wanna marry you.

Next person: Adam Sandler


Written by my amazing friend <3

Adam seriously, you are always hanging out with your friends and you never devote enough time to me. I mean come on, you’re always partying and you always hang out with those dumbass friends of yours, and we’ve actually grown apart. If you’re not going to devote enough time with me, then we’re through.

Next breakup: Dominic Sherwood

Dominic, I can’t take this anymore. I’m so freaking tired of you always singing the lyrics, “Go on drain the veins in my head. Clean out the red in my eyes.” from your song, “Plane”. Not gonna lie, you got some pretty eyes, but I’m just so tired of the staring I get. I enjoyed the time we had but it’s over. Bye Dom.

Next breakup: Javon “Wanna” Walton

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I get it Javon, you’re a young and very good actor. But you want too much. Wanna this, wanna that. It gets in my head. I could be your mother. Wanna get you out of here.

Next breakup: Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys.

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Hey Brian, I have realised that your fame has clouded your judgment and quite frankly I’m not into it… You just aren’t the person you used to be back in the day… I don’t think I can listen to you sing gone without you in the shower one more time. It’s literally killing me… And not to mention you have a wife! So we are over!

oh and the next person is
Finnick Odair from the hunger games

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