"Breaking the Silence".... on the transition to Discord

Alrighty, it’s about time I “Break my Silence”… :smile: :heart:

I’m sure we allllll know the news by now, there are plenty of threads, plenty of posts on other social media, plenty of talk about the Forums being taken down and replaced with Discord

(I mean really, it’s clear as day now with the big GIANT spread layout on Instagram with the Discord logo which, to be honest, is quite excessive… :eyes: )

I most definitely wasn’t ever fully ok with this news, BUT I’ve been in the community a long time to know that what Episode decides is ultimately up to them, (I mean, they own the company), and at the end of the day, I’m still a writer on this platform. Thus, I technically support their company… overall. (Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a part of the community and would have taken my stories off their platform a long time ago) :heart_hands:

So, I decided to give them a chance :adhesive_bandage: (Yes, I know, wild huh)
I joined the Discord server early, since they reached out to a select group of people to beta the server… it went fine. I wasn’t mad, in fact, I was glad to see them you know active again… (they’ve been gone a long while) and I thought: —“This is actually a great addition!! Now we can have more interactivity across a more widespread socialmedia platform”

Everything was fine and dandy, no issues, things were running smooth sailing…
and then they announced that Discord would replace the Forums and the Forums would be lost forever.

…As you can guess (and most likey know) that did NOT go over so swimmingly with the community. Mass Chaos began. :exploding_head:

However, what did I do???
I tried to help. :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried to give input on the discord server (as a Founder—what they call all of the beta testers. They asked for our feedback and have been moderately responsive to us) and tried to stay calm amid the storm.

What I found out :broken_heart:
Basically, Episode got a whole bunch of new employees who aren’t as knowledge on Episode as… let’s say… 70% of authors on this platform. They took… specifically 48… posts (from the forums) they deemed as "Essential " which were actually minor problem/ solution / Q&A type posts, maybe 500 characters max per post-- meaning very short response–and transferred them over to discord. They listed a few community members who have worked so hard as to put out community resources… and the rest is up to us THE REST OF THE FORUMS POSTS ARE UP TO US to transfer over… or else everything will be deleted… forever.

There are SOOOOO many issues I have with this.
Why is it up to the community to literally salvage the entirety of Episode??? :thinking:
Why make us do the work when it was them who decided to move to discord?
It’s like they don’t give a Sh-- about their authors, their community members, the writers who literally put money into their pockets…
We the community… are WHY Episode exists today. :cowboy_hat_face:
We shouldn’t have to do sh-- for them.

:face_with_monocle:If they want to move over to Discord, it should be 100% up to them to transfer over all data, all tutorials, all of the resources the community has worked hard to make. ALSO, EVERY ONE OF THEIR EMPLOYEES SHOULD KNOW HOW TO USE THE PORTAL, AND CODE. That should be an obvious thing. They need Authors in the company, who are payed, and also know how to do sh-- and know what stuff is required for the community to blossom.

It shouldn’t have to be up to us… community members… to work our a-- es off to get featured by those who aren’t even willing work to create their own stories themselves, nor listen to their community, or give anything back to show their appreciation.

Thus, because Episode is not willing to put in the work or effort… THE FORUMS NEED TO STAY :warning:

Ted Talk Done.
Episode get your shish together and become a reliable company for your large following and community supporters.

Thank youuuu!!! :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

:sunny:IMPORTANT UPDATE: :white_check_mark:
Please refrain from linking “the word” or using it in this thread so that I can spread the word…. If you would like to support said cause, :raised_hands: check out other threads regarding “The word”!! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


This was a great post! I really appreciated that it wasn’t a “doom and gloom” post- we’ve had too many of those. I think that it is because of the “doom and gloom” attitude that there has been little response from the Episode team. If all we do is whine and mourn, then they won’t want to work with us or take us seriously. If we share ideas and show that we won’t back down, not only are we more likely to be taken seriously, we are also more likely to gain support from those outside of the Episode forums, which will be the key to victory.

How do I know that the attitude with which we present our grievances plays a role? I know because I am the one that has the statistics. As of right now, there are 348 supporters. 158 of them came from Instagram. Based upon what I have seen from Instagram posts that shared the petition (I can only see the ones linked here), they tend to be more: “Fight back!” Meanwhile, only 2 supporters came from Reddit, where the attitude has been more “It will never work…”

It is the way that we present our issue that will determine whether or not we win.


This is very true. I’ve been very considerate and watching my actions since I KNOW the mods are keeping a close eye on the community, :eyes::eyes: but Episode’s actions are just ridiculous atp. Something has to be done about it. :white_check_mark: I’ve seen plenty of complaints and I get it, but Episode is only going to listen if we actually give them reason to. They know ab ‘word’ (they’ve confirmed this) and they’ve seen all the complaints. They are just putting the blame on us, and not themselves.

Say everyone DID, in fact, take the move to Discord with positivity and support… with the deletion of the forums and the lack of work they’ve done, no new authors will arise bc there is not enough resources for them to successfully write on Episode.

The forums need to stay for that reason lol.


This is a great post, Lily. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m glad you’re speaking out about it- especially because you’ve proved your opinion to be very valuable. Not just to the community, but to the mods and episode team. You truly did give the discord a chance; you stayed open and tried to work with them. That’s more than I can say about myself LOL. Totally agree with everything said here.


LOLLLL I think I’m a bit guilty of this doom and gloom attitude when it comes to the change. I think a lot of us here on forums are, actually. That’s why I appreciate Lily’s patient approach here. Me, I immediately voiced my opinions about it pretty much a day or so after it was announced in exactly the way I wanted to say it cause I was FRUSTRATED. But yeah, the episode team doesn’t really respond to that kind of feedback which is why I have tried to be more patient and explore what the possibilities are more recently. I mean, you can be right about how wrong something is, but it’s all about the methods of delivery to make change happen.

At first, it was all about saving forums for me, but at this point, I just don’t want to lose the resources we have on here. I don’t think discord is a good replacement at all, but if it is the replacement, it is so discouraging and daunting that the work load is on us as creators to move all the threads over. I hope we can get through to them before it’s too late because it is almost impossible for the community (some with jobs, some with kids, or some in school, etc.) to do all of this ourselves in such a sort time frame.


I have VERY LITTLE ‘online presence’, but I am making almost my entire online personality (however small it is) urging people to support and spread the word to save the forums, as well as support the effort to save Quotev messaging.


Which responses do you want me to edit?

Ok, I actually have updated statistics if you would like those:

There are currently 370 supporters. 163 of them came from Instagram. Based upon the (very little) I have seen of Instagram, the attitude towards this change has been more positive and resilient. Meanwhile, only 2 of these 370 came from Reddit, where the attitude has been more “Nothing will really make a difference.”


I agree! Thank you for your help!

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Are you planning to post this on discord or just on here?

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Discord… lmao.

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I hope it goes well! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I readily admit I’m part of that “doom and gloom”. :sweat_smile: I try not to be, I really do. I just really hate when I see people being harmed by a corporation’s greedy actions. I especially hate it when said corporation treats their patrons like small children or morons. It’s important to have even handed people to try to negotiate for a better situation, and Lily clearly has the ear of people connected with Episode. I certainly hope she succeeds at getting a better solution to this clusterF of epic proportions.

But I’ll also say it’s important to have us cynical doom and gloomers as well. Much of what has occurred is objectively pretty shady, and Episode has a long history of hiding things it knows will be unpopular, springing it on the community, and hoping our displeasure blows over so they get away with it. (Yes, the animation update was reversed, but there’s a whole lot of other things that weren’t and the app has been worse for it.) Showing the full extent of community anger can be useful. If nothing else, having that extreme makes it easier to create a sensible middle ground to pursue through negotiation. Just something to consider. :wink:


Bump :white_heart::white_heart:

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