Briana M's Cover Art Contest Out of Free Will :)

If you are a first time artist/editor, and you are looking for a project to do, you came to the right place! I would like you to make covers for my story, both large and small. The name of my story is called Sophisticated & Deceived. In order, for you guys to make the covers, you have to know what the plot is. Sophisticated and Deceived is about young millennial named Ashden. She is a 26 year old young woman who is learning that life isn’t about being emotionless and too sophisticated. Of course, she’s going to get help to solve her ignorant thinking. A guy named Grayson will help her explore her emotions in life. He’ll end up falling in love with her as he is helping her through her emotionless life.

Here’s how I would like the covers to look: I would like Ashden and Grayson to be flirting with each other in the small cover because it shows that they do love each other, and they have a romantic side. However, for the large cover, I want the both be somewhere mad at each other because sometimes they don’t agree on the same things. That’s how relationships go.

Ashden's Details

Skin Color: Light
Eyebrows: Defined natural
Hair + Hair Color: Diva Curls + black
Eyes + Eye Color: Upturned Bold + Taupe
Face Shape: Oval
Nose: Soft natural
Mouth + lip color: Full round + cherry red

Grayson's Details

Skin Color: Peach
Eyebrows: Thick arch athletic
Hair + Hair color: Shoulder length + chestnut
Eyes + eye color: Classic round (blue)
Face shape: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Mouth + lip color: Smirk + terracotta

I would like both covers to seem realistic. I don’t mind if you add props to the cover. I would like the word “Sophisticated” to be in cursive, while “Deceived” is in bold lettering. Please include the “&” sign in the cover.

Ashden’s Outfit:

  • Trendy Black Top

  • Short Pencil Skirt (Cabernet)

  • Mule Ankle Heels

  • Small Fishnets

Grayson’s Outfit:

  • Large Stitch Jeans (Navy)

  • Blue Plain Suit Shirt & Tie

  • Black Loafers

This isn’t really a contest. I don’t know what to call this basically, but I will pick 4 winners. I just would to give artists a chance to experiment and have fun of course. The deadline for this contest is Thursday, Aug 9th! If you get it done sooner than Thursday, that’s not a problem :slight_smile:

Good luck & Thank you




What do we do when we’re finished?

Well you can either comment down below, PM me, or DM me on Instagram @brianam.stories.

I’ll enter!

I’ll enter!

Thanks to everybody that’s entering so far :slight_smile:

What should the background be?

Ummm, I haven’t thought about a background. I’m sorry.

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when’s it due in for? xx

Well it ended last Thursday, but I have to extend the deadline.

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oh ok… :confused:

You can still enter the contest though :slight_smile:

What is the current deadline? I don’t want to make any changes, I’m just curious.

The current deadline is Aug 19th.

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Ok. Thank you.