Briana M's Mini Help Thread :)

This isn’t exactly a help thread because I don’t really know everything about script writing in the portal yet. I am pretty experienced at using the portal because I’ve been writing on the Episode platform since the end of 2015. I know looking at the guides in the episode portal can be a bit confusing if you’re a first time writer because I was once confused when I first started out using the portal. I can help you if you need help with: story ideas, story plots, basic/complex directing (zooms, animations, adding/removing props, transitions, adding music & sounds/removing sounds and sounds and music, lowering music, spotting characters, using “@” and “&.”, exiting/entering the screen etc. There is more that I can help you with, but I can’t think of them right now, but if you need help with any of those, please feel free to ask below. And you’re in desperate help and you need help in one day with something, my Instagram is @brianam.stories.

Thank you~