Briar’s Outline contest! ⭐️ CLOSED

Hey this is Briar! I’m still new to understanding the forums so please forgive me, here I am posting my first forums outline contest!

post example from my Instagram

contest rules

1:If you would like to enter here, simply reply with your entry and I will count it!
2:If you wish to post it on Instagram, please check out my post @briar.epi :blush:
3: please do not remove my watermark or @, feel free to add your own but please do not remove mine at all💛
4:feel free to change the outline, just please keep it recognisable.
5: please don’t copy or face anyone’s entry or idea.
Please remember credit if reposting anywhere and if you post an entry to Instagram, remember to check my Instagram rules :yellow_heart:

*i am sorry but failure of the rules will end in disqualification *


1st place for the forums will receive an edit of choice, cover/bæ/Bff edit and a spam of love if you have Instagram.

outline examples

coloured outline example

examples of my edits

Deadline is 31st of August


Stolen from @Em546 :joy: stolen from @Unknown_18 lol
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Also thank you to @Em546 for the layout idea I’m new and have no clue what I’m doing on the forums so please excuse me :joy:

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or can’t access the outlines for any reason.

Drive link

goodluck to everyone entering!


The outline is beautiful! I’ll join and send an entry maybe hopefully by today or tomorrow

And welcome to the forums!

Ohmehgosh I got tagged :pleading_face: I’m gonna enter on instagram

I’ll enter if I have time, great outline by the way! :sunflower:

Also, welcome to the community!

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:eyes:I’m gonna try joining.

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Thank you! :see_no_evil::yellow_heart:

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Hehe thank you for the welcome! Xx

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Yay! Thank you💛

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@xetic @Cheshire.Cat thanks a lot! :yellow_heart:


Omg, I didn’t know you were on the forums! HI!! WELCOMEEEEE

I’ll totally enter!!


the outlines are great! I’ll enter!

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Why do I feel honoured because she stole my tags :joy: . Anyways entering on Instagram so why not enter here aswell!?


I’ll enter!! I love the outline!

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Your outlines are beautiful! I won’t be entering, but I will be admiring from afar. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you color your hair? I’m literally in awe :star_struck:

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ofc I’m entering :sneezing_face:

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hahaha yesss!! totally entering!!

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I’m obviously going to enter!

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Of course im joining! :heart: And baby @briar.epi welcome! Your so talented!! Cant wait to start my entry

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I’ll enter

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