🎊 🎊 Brilliant Brushes #Drawn/edits/bgs/overlay shop(Closed to catch up)

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hey buddies, I have seen many people searching for artist /costume designer/background creators/ overlays helpers for making your story impressive. So here we are, a few artist who can help to make your story a mega success. We people can help you with Character cards, story cards, splash, text overlays, overlay, banners, Cover, Mood boards, Outfits, Profile pics, Background help and Art Scenes.

ARTIST :art: :art:
@Amelia_epi (Covers :only Edited ,Art scenes, Outfits, Edits, Profile pics, Text overlay, Overlays, Splashes, Back ground help, intros, outros)(ONLY DOES EDITED)
@QueenMads.writes (Character card, Intros and outros, Splashes)
@epy.nes (Cover :- Edited)












Madsepi 71



  1. What bg u want??
  2. Day or night??
  1. Image of BG?
  2. Password-
  1. What should be written ?
  2. Any specific background ?
  3. Before when do u want to submit ur request ?
  4. Any specific font style (Choose only from the text overlay examples)?
  5. Password-
  1. What should be written?
  2. Any specific text colour?
  3. Any specific background?
  4. Before when do u want to submit ur request?
  5. What is the font style (Choose only from the examples)?
  6. Password-
  1. What is the image of the character ?
  2. What is the gender and age ?
  3. What type of costume u want ?(Skirt, Shorts, Long frock, jean top, Pant shirt…ect)
  4. Any specific item needed?(Jewels, Hat, Watch…etc)
  5. Any special occasion?
  6. No. of outfits needed? (max 5)
  7. Before when do u want to submit ur request ?
    .8 Password-

1.Breif explanation of the character? (About age, gender…etc)
2.Before when do u want to submit ur request ?
3. Password-

  1. Brief explanation of the overlay ?
  2. What should be the colour of overlay ?
  3. Before when do u want to submit ur request?
  4. Password-

2.Character details (if there is any)
3.Font style and size
4.Font colour
5.Any extra details

  1. Password
    2.Edited or Drawn:
    3.Character Details:
    4.Character Outfits:
    6.Close up Screenshot of Character:
    7.Anything else?:

2. Edited or Drawn:
3. Character Details:
4. Character Outfits:
5. Background:
6. Close up Screenshot of Character:
7. Anything else?:
8. Deadline:


2.Character deeds and outfit (if you want character on your card)
5.ANY OTHER THNG YOU WANT IT TO SAY - Credits, Instagram
6. Password-


2.character name:
3.story name:
4.colour theme:
6.character muse ( if you have one ):
7.Any pictures you want to be included:
8.Any of details:


3.Character/s Details:
4.Character/s Outfit/s:
5.Character/s Pose/s:
6.Anything else you would like to add for your character/s?
8.Reference Pose?
9.Anything else you would like to add in general?
10.Deadline (be reasonable)


Instagram post

Profile Photo
Profile Name
Post Photo
Photo Caption
How many likes
Characters Names(If Message)
Text(If Message)
How many panels you want it to be

Reference pose

What pose u want?
How many character?
character colour preferred-

View (Front, back, side (Right/left), etc.)

RULES :dagger: :dagger:
1.No thread hopping!
2.Do not rush the artist!
3.Credit us! Be polite while requesting!
4.Do not remove watermarks!
5.We can deny ur requests !
6.Do not steal our work/trace/claim it as yours!
7.While requesting u should tag a specific artist from whom u want the art piece from
8. While submitting artist will tell u how to credit them
9. Crediting the artist in compulsory. Its a way for thanking the artist. Credit them using forums username.

Blur the password
PASSWORD : Brilliant Brushes :lol:

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Haii :DD

Cover request

1.Password Brilliant Brushes
2. Edited or Drawn: Drawn please
3. Character Details:
Male Generic Body Rose 03
Arched soft (deep brown)
Side Part Wavy Tousled (strawberry blonde)
Deepset Downturned (blue deep)
Diamond Soft Aquiline
Medium Medium Straight Natural (Beige Rose)
Male Generic Body Rose 03
Arched soft (deep brown)
Wavy Messy (golden brown)
Deepset Downturned (hazel dark)
Grecian Narrow
Triangle Chiseled
Medium Straight Natural (beige rose)
Male Generic Body Rose 03
Arched soft (deep brown)
Straight Bang Fluffy Hair Hair (dark brown)
Deepset Downturned (blue deep)
Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved
Grecian Narrow
Medium Straight Natural (beige rose)
4. Character Outfits:
Jeon Chunky Sneakers Leather Black Hoodie Two Tone Vest Cotton Grey Black Casual Jeans Denim Black
Logan Classic Pleather Oxfords Leather Off Black Pleated Belt Wedding Slacks Polyester Navy Blue Button Up Sweater And Tie Top Wool
JenSu Round Wide Plastic Blue Navy Slacks Casual Fitted Wool Complex Color Open Collar Button Up Cotton Complex Color Espadrilles Slip On Canvas Complex Color
5. Background:

6. Close up Screenshot of Character:

7. Anything else?: can the post look similar to this :DDD

8. Deadline: Monday or Tuesday :DDD


I’m not a super great artist with drawn poses, is there a simpler pose I can do? If not, please request one of the other artists.


thats fine :3 you can make up one then :DDD


I’m not sure exactly what you want, so it would be easier if you provided a simpler example so you can get what you want within a reasonable time frame.


Hi, are you still taking request?

Brilliant Brushes

If so I was wondering if you could make two backgrounds where you can see a little of the other house in the background (like if they are neighbors) Day and Night
And I also need a toddler room for a boy (Day & Night)
If you can thank you so much!! :heart:


Hi yes we are still taking requests

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Tag artist whom you want to make it from

Yes I do bgs u could request. Pls fill the form I cannot understand what u are asking. I will do it in 2 days as I am not having my laptop.

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  1. I need two backgrounds two modern houses that look like they are neighbors
  2. Day and Night
  3. Brilliant Brushes


HI @Authormiaquestionacc sorry but i dont do background only drawn and edited covers, splashes intros outros, story cards etc

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Oops ok Sorry!! Could you do a cover for me instead then

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Sure give me the details and ill do it

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Do you want drawn or edited?

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  1. Drawn Cover
2. MC

Female Athletic, Skin: Neutral 04, Hair: Deep Brown Wavy Long, Eyes: Brown Pale Deepest Almond, Face: Diamond, Nose: Pointed Downturn. Lips: Red Gloss Full Heart

3. Character Outfits

  1. Background: Idk what ever you think looks best
5. Close up Screenshot of Character:

  1. Title is: Right About the Past
  2. Deadline: july 1 (if u need more time let me know so i can update my bio on Episode)

Thank you but how do you want it to look like the pose and the description so that i get a few ideas :blush:

umm maybe with her arms crossed thinking (IDK :sweat_smile:)
Im still getting the description from my writting partner so ill let u know

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is the story a happy story or a sad
Like what the genre?

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Happy and Its a Mystery