🎊 🎊 Brilliant Brushes #Drawn/edits/bgs/overlay shop(Closed to catch up)

I will finish the sketch and ask ur views

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Thank you so much
And ok again Thank you :hugs:

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Check if u want to change anything


Hi I wanted to request a bg
bg- Interior private jet bg (possibly luxurious two big seats)
password - Brilliant Brushes :lol:



Credit @WriterForum


Hey can I request an edit or drawn art from @Starr.Writes? brilliant brushes


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I can try. It will have to be drawn though. I’m not good enough at edits yet to be able to do such a complex pose.

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Okay thank you, I’m good with a drawing

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Hi! Can I please submit a request to @epy.nes for creating a cover art for my story?

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~ The Details ~

  1. Password: Brilliant Brushes :lol:

  2. I wanted this cover to be drawn pleasee. There will also be two characters on the cover.

  3. Character details:

The MC ~
Body: Female Generic Body
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide
Skin: Gold 02
Nose: Pointed Downturned
Hair: Long Wavy Blowout color Brunette Brown
Eyebrows: Arched Natural Scar color black
Lips: Full Heart Pouty color pick peach medium matte
Face: Diamond

The Love interest ~
Body: Male Athletic Body
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded
Skin : Copper 02
Nose: Grecian Narrow
Hair: Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled color black
Eyebrows: Arched Medium color black
Lips: Medium Heart color Rose Light Nude Matte
Face : Square Long Jaw Stubble

  1. The MC:

    The Love Interest:

  2. Background: It will be at night with the moon in the upper left hand corner shining on Luna and Hiro and tall buildings that are lit inside the windows behind them.

  3. Character details:
    (Luna, the MC)

    (Hiro, the love interest)

  4. i want to have their foreheads touching and eyes closed. Luna’s arms will be around Hiro’s neck and Hiro will put his hands on her waist. Hiro will be on the left and Luna is on the right side. They will be in the center of the cover.

    Title: My Hiro

  5. Deadline: Can you have this submitted by the end of July?

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And if @epy.nes is not availiable then can @Starr.Writes do it? Thank you so muchh :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Haii are you still doing covers? :grin:

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If yes go to this link (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TejaaEH-M-WgwEslhqKG38HZ_5x1WQWqxyiEoawBF2Q/edit) if theres any problems reply to me what the problem is i will be on this tab for a long long time

Can I know whom u are asking??

anyone really ill be okay with anyone

sorry i couldn’t answer right away i went on a walk :neutral_face:

Hi @Shading_crisis
Here’s your character card

Hope you like it!!

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its really cute

Hey u can see the example and select 1 person and request with help of filling the forms. @mojapp

Thank you!

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