'Brilliant Idea'


I had this ‘brilliant idea’ to have three different scenarios based on a choice and I’m about to puch myself for deciding this. :sob::neutral_face:=:skull:I now have to come up with three different scenarios while still having a similar scene :cry: Oh well, at least it’s getting my imagination and creativity moving, right? :rofl:


I’m sure your readers will be happy lol


true true :laughing::grin:


Do you have lots of branches throughout your story?


This is only the 2nd chapter, so I’m trying to start off small, especially since I just started writing on Episode. I’ working uo to bigger things. At the moment, I know how the story is supposed to go, I just wanted to add a few extra things for my readers. Well, once I can actually have readers, that is :laughing:


Oh ok! I completely understand


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