Bring Back Episode Hollywood Stories!

Hello, everyone! I’m new at the Episode Forum, so I just wanted to say hello. Recently, I’ve been looking at Episode Forum and I have come across a post that focuses on the Episode Hollywood story called Pitch Perfect: In Deep Treble based on the movie franchise. For a few months, I’ve noticed that several Episodes’ Hollywood stories are no longer on the shelves. Stories like Mean Girls: Senior Year, Clueless, Falling for the Dolan Twins, Cameron Dallas Started With A Lie have all been removed on Episode. Please help me get these stories back since these stories are what made Episode the wonderful app it is today, and it’s also what made it so different, compared to different interactive apps. These stories brought so many memories when we played them for the first time, and it is not fair how future Episode users will never get the chance to play these games.

If you want Episode to restore these stories, please send Episode a ticket. The more people sending tickets asking for those stories to come back, the more Episode will be convinced to bring them back! I’ve also started a petition for this situation. Please sign it here:

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These stories are not coming back because Episode does not own the IP(intellectual property) aka the don’t own the license for these movies/shows. Episode was under a contract they pay the license holder money to use their characters for a limited time, contract ends the stories are removed. Also they lose money each time they contact an already existing property.


They’re not gonna come back. Episode has to pay a license fee in order to keep them and it’s simply not worth it for stories based on movies that are several years old and no longer relevant.


That stories would be: Pitch Perfect In Deep Treble, Mean Girls Series, Cameron Dallas It Stars With A Lie, Dolan Twins, Bad Boys Girl, Hollywood Days With Hayes and Summer Share.

Those were removed beause their license expired, but we could get them back. Alot of them are in Ink so that is why ppls dont read anymore, but maybe they would get written in LL

The Hollywood shelf its quiete emptly after those were removed, lets make it bigger again

For anyone interested here is the petition (i did not start it, im just a supporter)


The people who are in charge of those movies have actually ended their contract with Episode, or the other way around. So there isn’t really much to do about it, sadly. Sorry to burst a bubble :confused:

But maybe, yeah, they just might somehow come back if we’re lucky!


From what the support team said it was Episode who didnt want to renew the contract. Because it wasnt that popular anymore but if more ppls want it back they said they might think about it. So its possible as long as ppls will say they want it but no one seem to care.

Beside Pitch Perfect and Dolan Twins the others were in Ink so i get it why not many ppls read it, the solution would either be to make them in LL or to make a new shelv for ink and classic stories because many dont even know about those styles since the shelves are full of LL and those who like ink gotta search alot for them and even more for classic style