Bring back the old style!

I honestly really don’t like the new trending stories style. :smiling_face_with_tear: The covers are so small now that it doesn’t even make sense to have a cover. The authors spent money on it now to not be seen at all.
I’m not even talking about how buggy it is and how fast it scrolls down.
If I wasn’t an author I would honestly consider about deleting the app.




Is it an new update?

Yes :smiling_face_with_tear:

:sneezing_face:Just what we needed lol.
Why this update!!??

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It looks bad… but besides that very buggy. I press on one story - another one pops up.

typical episode lol…
It looks like that “Fav.” or “Recommend” shelf in our profile.
When we edit our recommendations.

Yeah… I wish there was a way to delete this update :face_exhaling:

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Agree! You can hardly see the covers & get the vibe of the story, making it hard to choose & it makes it even more difficult for readers to find community stories! :sob:

OMG YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAA I don’t like this at all (the new layout)

I still have the old style?:flushed:

Maybe they are testing it. As a lot of don’t have it yet. Or it depends on the country. Either way, enjoy it while you can :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Maybe that was the point of this update :eyes:

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So do I??

Thank you for saying it! I thought the gitchy-ness was just me :sweat_smile:

Exactly! I don’t get why they did this, being able to see the cover is what draws me to a story!


I support this 100%. It’s so hard to find new stories and scroll through the trending section :woman_shrugging:

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It’s actually so sad, tho. Majority of the readers on the app are there for the creative, entertaining, not as profitable community stories. What ab That does Episode not understand.

Hopefully, it’s just a trial!

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I can see them doing this to copy Wattpad in a way. Maybe they can make the covers bigger?

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Tory said that they already working on it :thinking: I guess we’ll see if this will improve or not. But even if they make the covers bigger, just looking at the old style I doubt that it will be better than what we had.


it’s still the old one for me-