Bring mobile creator back!

BRING MOBILE CREATOR BACK!!! My first story I posted on episode was a mobile creator story. It has over 10k views, I don’t even remember any body saying mobile creator was a problem it helps writer come up with scripts and it’s fun to play with.


I’m not trying to start drama but this decision was made six months ago. There is much more of a reason for the mobile creator being removed other than people complaining.

Episode as a company made a decision for the future of their app. Demanding a broken system be put back in, rather than finding a better compromise is not helping anyone.


Thanks for the feedback I just needed help understanding fully why it was taken down

As a user of Episode, I found it extremely easy to write stories on mobile.
Something that would be so fascinating to me would be if Episode created a new mobile creator but with more options.
I can see that it says that it was taken down mainly because they cannot afford the budget for it?

But hopefully someday you guys will make a new one… and I know that some of you say that creating stories on mobile would lead to bad quality stories and…

I agree — but if episode could make it so there could be a selection where it says “mobile user stories”, then you could select from those areas so you don’t have to read the ones that are ‘bad quality.’

But seriously, I was so damn excited to finally get Episode back after a while and I was so excited to write a story. I was head over heels so excited to write on mobile… and then I realize that it retired.
I literally got so upset. I’m still so upset.

Now I know that there are tutorials on how to do scripts and such, but if I find it extremely difficult to write stories on the computer on the writer’s portal because I would rather just have it easier for me.

I know I sound lazy for saying this, but writing on Episode mobile creator was so much easier for me and took up such little of my time. I was obviously annoyed of course that you couldn’t have the newer version of characters and obviously you can’t zoom in on certain scenes on mobile and like all of you said, the creativity is limited but that’s why I said, if you guys could make a new mobile creator, have options where you can actually zoom in on scenes and such because I find it extremely difficult to write stories on the computer.

Please, at least tell us that you will bring back a new one at least. What I mean by bringing back is to create a new mobile creator with better options and still high quality. It would mean the world to me. Hopefully you’ll make it so we can use the new version of characters, the dim-light version I believe, and so much more, I would be so fascinated. I love this app so much but I really really hate how mobile creator is gone. It literally makes me so damn upset. I cannot write on computer because I find it extremely difficult and every time there’s a stupid error on every single thing that I write and I would rather just have it on mobile.

Hopefully you guys will do this.
~ Bianca


Yep exactly I have almost the same thing going on here.
I was busy writing my episode story on phone but one day I just couldn’t and now I can’t finish my story because I can’t do the codes.
Even tough there are toturials I just can’t.
There are always errors and programming is not my cup of tea.
Writing stories on phone was so easy and I don’t think my story was bad even tough I made it on phone.
Like most ppl that program their stories say that our stories are bad because wrote them om our phone.
And the ppl that program their eps are glad because mobile is gone I think that’s pretty ignorant of them.
And it’s easy for them to say, their way of making episodes isn’t gone.

I am so upset about this, and I hope that episode will make something like what you suggested.
At least I could finish my episode story then.


You can try to delete the new update of episode, maybe it will help. Or you can maybe download an other version of the app, with apk mirror or something elese

Mobile creation was such a timesaver for me. I’d do the story in mobile, then it’s do all the adjusting in writers portal. I haven’t released a single story since it’s gone. It take forever to write in portal and I have a job and family to take care of. All I’m doing is just adjusting the stories I never adjusted before.
They didn’t have to update it. They could have just left it alone. It worked for me.
But I doubt it’ll come back. :cry:


Literally the same for me!

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They could put it on a separate pay app or something, so those who want it can pay to have access, also wouldn’t clog up the systems then either…

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Someone here maybe found other app or platform that is similar to the mobile creation?

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