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Ahhh thanks again!!


This is a cover art request for @G_vanessa

This one was fun to do with experimenting with all the outlines and color and stuff. Hopefully it’s not too blurry to read… I’ve always wanted to try using outlines behind the characters.


And a profile picture I finished yesterday but forgot to post here, whoops:

This is for kpz_episode on Instagram! She said she liked rock so behind her are some barely-visible band posters. The most visible one is Green Day (I wasn’t sure what kind of rock so I chose some popular bands), then I think there’s the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and MCR (weird combination I know) and I also did the Pixies because they’re great.


I finished 3 requests today, I haven’t heard back from the 1st requester yet so I’ll post that after they get back to me. Anyways:

This was for a user on Instagram. I got to use the splatter brushes as you can see!

These are splashes I did for @PrettyEri. I made the background and the little …drawings? with my shaky hands.

Also, as you can see from the title of this thread, requests are now OPEN!


What do you use for your art this is awesome


Thank you! I use Procreate on my iPad.


This was a profile picture request for pfu8_episode on Instagram:

As you can see, I like trying lots of different shadows and concentric circles.


Bump! I’ve got 4 empty slots!!


I’m working on a request right now, so this one for @KISS was done a while ago:

I used filters for the first time in a while, I forgot about their existence entirely!


Do you have time for banners which are kind of needed urgently


How urgent?


Like today urgent


Yeah, I can’t guarantee it, but I am finishing up a request right now so it’s very likely.


I’ve finished my current requests, can you send yours into my form (if you still need a banner)?


Yes I actually do


Ok, the link is in the very first post.


Love these! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you!!


Hi! This profile picture was done for @Penny2.

I used Pixlr this time instead of all my mobile apps since I was on my computer, so it was fun experimenting with al, the stuff there.


Here’s a profile picture request I did for mystery.episode on Instagram a while ago but I forgot to post it here againnnnnn. I’m going to be closing requests for a while (after I finish the current ones of course) so I can focus on my story, SG, and art.