Bri's art shop 🎨 (open 🔓)

Hey guys! So hope your all are fine so i decided to make shop cuz why not during this pandemic i was so bored and decided to make a shop for y’all to request :sparkles: so please don’t let this flop also i am still learning everything :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  1. ALWAYS give credit, this rule applies not only to my shop but to several others too. We spend a lot more time on art than you think (:blob_hearts:

  2. Be patient! It takes time, and I have a life too :sparkles:

  3. Use the password: take my request bri :blob_hearts: and blur it!

  4. Don’t thread hop! (Requesting the same thing on more than one shop) - it’s unfair to all the artists involved

  5. Please be polite when req

  6. Fill in the forms properly!

  7. Credit me through @briar.writes.episode on instagram :smiley:

edited cover

character cards


drawn cover

character card

Gender of the Character(s)
Name of the Character(s)
Character(s) details (e.g Hair colour, Eye shape)
Outfit & Extras (E.g. Tattoos/ Nose studs)
Anything else?


How does the character look like? (an image of it would be fine)
What does your character usually wea
Character’s Personality
Describe your character (e.g. backstory…etc)
Character’s Hobbies
Colour Theme (I’ll try to include this colour
Character Muse

This art shop is run by myself only and I don’t get paid for making your requests! All I ask is to credit/ tag me whenever you’re using any of my work.

Here are some other ways that you could support me and it would mean a lot if you could even one of them…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

read my sister story

also if u couldn’t support me support this artist too

@Akanksha.writes she made these beautiful banners

Check out her shop

Follow me on instagram

I will complete my works slowly don’t rush me cuz my school will be starting soon and i am slowly working on ur reqests u will get it soon if i have free time i will definitely finish ur work thank u for visiting :heart:


Sorry but, I am confused here and there…


Good luck to your shop

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Hey @Noodlee! I got a question, did you just copy what I did for my store and paste them all here? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I can tell you only have one style of character card here, yet you wrote “Style 1 or 2 or 3”… Also, you copied what I wrote for my moodboard form as well?


Sorry i will change it now :sweat_smile:

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Changed it sorry tho :teddy_bear:

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Hello, did you tag me somewhere? I kinda had a notification :sweat_smile: Goodluck tho!

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Also in the “How to support me” part as well ;-; Just copy-pasted with an emoji replaced ashdahs


Thank you for noticing this :kissing_closed_eyes: hopefully justice will be served hahahha


She tag you because she copied everything from my store…

I tagged you from my store for making such beautiful art for me, that’s why you got tagged here… :pensive:

This whole situation is just upsetting for me…


Ooh girl… :grimacing:

I know you apologized, but taking forms from @episode_katherinee 's shop… I mean, it would have been fine if you just started from scratch (and I know most forms look the same, but the forms should technically be specific to your shop not other people’s services) . I apologize if this sounds rude, especially since this is your first art shop and I don’t mean to be discouraging, but that was not it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes that the best way to learn is to do things yourself.


But why am I I tagged here and I don’t see my name neither!
Good luck with your art shop as well!


Hi! Just to let you know that you have edited cover, character cards, moodboard and drawn cover in your examples but you only have the form for character card and moodboard :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

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The reason why you and people who I tagged from my store:

This includes forms, waiting list, rules and everything else…


Ohhh okayy!
Thanks Katherine!


Thank you so much buddy, this situation is just messy and she copied everything from waiting list, rules, even the part where I wrote how people could support me by reading one of my stories or one of the options… Here’s the evidence: