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So I’m putting this here, because it has to do with writing and stories, but it has nothing to do with Episode. I just need some help ^-^

So my novel is told from the point of view of an American girl. Problem is, I speak British English. I used to be alright with this, and just wrote the way I know. But then I started to think… "Hmmm… But since the MC is American, and the story is being told from her view, why am I not writing this using American English?
So I immediately turned to my dear friend Google, and read about all sorts of differences between British and American English. But then, when I started to edit my novel (and returned to writing the second one in the series), I realized this feels kind of weird and unnatural. I kept deleting words after writing them because I suddenly realized this wasn’t the correct American spelling or grammar. I have no clue whether I should just try and write in American English, then include British English in the dialougue of the one British character there (who is unsurprisingly my favourite character lolololol), or write the entire story in British English altogether. So I thought I’d just ask this lovely community instead; every vote/reply is a massive help!! :heart:

  • Write the way you’re used to, and just keep the American dialogue for American characters
  • Try your best to write it in American English and leave the British part exclusively to the British character.

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you can send your dialogues to person from USA and they can correct it for you :))

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I could help if you would like :slight_smile: I’m American so I would think I pretty good at speaking American English haha

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Write it as you know it hun, a publisher or proofreader will help you in the future if they think it will pass better as a different way

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@classycherries @CianniA @Hannahnevin
Thanks guys! That’s a good idea actually, to write it the way I know and let an American editor help me with it ^-^ thank you!

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No problem :grin:

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Anytime, you know that if you ever need anything just message me xx

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Just write in British English or whatever. It isn’t uncommon to see that, America’ isn’t the only country with people and a language. British words are in English, just mostly spelled differently.

As long as your grammar is good and we can understand it. We need to see different ways the world uses words/languages etc. Just do what feels better to you. It’s your story and anyone who doesn’t like it, can kick rocks!

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? It’s long been debated but one things for sure, we still eat it don’t we? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha thanks!

(Actually tomatoes are a fruit :eyes::rofl:)

I think you should write in British English if that’s the form your most comfortable with, I personally use both in my writing as I find trying to stick to one unnecessary stress. It’s not like only Americans will read your story anyway :wink: Just make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct and you should be good


I will, thanks!


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