British slang/humour

Would people like to see some of they ways we (meaning Where I come from.) say things or would it put you off a story?

So example we use phrases that perhaps others may not understand. For example

Hey up me duck= hello friend.
No shit Sherlock= that was obvious!
Fancy a brew?= would you like a hot drink (tea or coffee.)

I wouldn’t particularly use it a lot (if at all.) but I just wondered what you guy think on using saying from where you come from? I also wouldn’t necessarily use what I’ve used above it was just an example.

I also WOULD NOT use it like “r u ok m8”
Nor make the story very slang like


I like seeing it in stories. It sometimes helps give a character more personality by giving them a style of speech


welcome. here i will teach you the basics of roadman talk. if you consider going to to london, then keep this in mind.

wagwan = what’s up
pree - do you notice/do u peep
yute - young person
peng - pretty
clapped - ugly
blud - bruv (mostly used in verbal fights)
gyaldem/mandem – groug of boys/girls


I actually live a couple of hours from London and it’s amazing to see how different some of the language is :slight_smile: I’m from Stoke some know it as the potteries as we are well known for potbanks.

I’ve noticed some slang which I/we use and some I’ve never heard of.

I always remember when I was at school when there is a fight people say “come at my bruv” :joy:

I also remember going to London on a school trip. I accidentally bumped into someone and said “sorry duck.” They we’re actually really offended being called a duck where as to us it’s just a standard say “ay up, sorry, excuse me, yes please… duck :joy:


I never thought about that. I just want to be careful as to not to confuse people.

2 Likes’s one of a kind tbh. it’s mainly the youth that came up with this stuff years ago, and it deveolped into what it is today.


Wagwaaaaan yanno :rofl: my entire family are from the eastend :sweat_smile: This and wotcha is frequently used.
Where we live now we just make stuff up lol I say ‘boff’ when referring to up-chuck/vomit/heave lol a lot of people look at me like I’m crazy :smirk: my MC is British so I’m having to put a lot of reader messages in to explain some of the things she says :joy::joy:


tbh sometimes i be like : search it up fi u rlly interested not rlly bothered to put anything up lol

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Here’s some of mine that I’ve heard,
Dank - attractive/good
Butters- Ugly
Clapped - also means ugly
Moist - in this case people use it as “cringe”
Slag- Slut but uk version
I’ve even heard some boys call girls “birds” fgs uk slang is so cringy :woman_facepalming:t5:.


here are some that i hear at school :woman_facepalming:
gassed: excited
vexed: annoyed
innit: isn’t it
come to my yard: come to my house
bare: very
peak: rude/annoying
pipe down: calm down
i don’t get the point of slang to be honest


Thank you for this very epic thread my friend :relieved:


Pipe down can also mean shut up or be quiet


I thought the word clapped meant lazy, sluggish

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Cuppa-cup of tea
Init-isn’t it


I love my accent so much sometimes, but it can be a pain when explaining things…

I say:
Nowt: Nothing
Asta? : Have you?
Cheers love: Thank you
Love: A greeting ("How have you been holdin’ up love?) Anyone can be called this, especially in Pub’s. It’s a polite greeting so a male can call it a male or a female can call it a female, its just a thing around here.
Step back: Back down
Mardy: (I was so shocked when people didn’t know what this meant) Moody/Sulky
Sound: That’s cool (“She’s gone to the toilet” Sound mate/Love
Alreyt? : How have you been holding up?
Gaffa: Boss
Boss: Slang for friend sometimes
Duck : (Basically the same as Love)
Be reyt: This is the most popular thing you will hear someone from Yorkshire say, No matter how bad the situation is the most common answer will be Be reyt it means It will be fine
Somert: Something
Nesh: Cold (It’s a bit nesh in here)
Gi’ore: Stop it!
Nah then: It’s something we say to start of a conversation (Nah then, How have you been?)
Nannan: Grandma (Some people really didn’t know this)
Dahn: Down (Get dahn here NOW)
Ta: Thanks
Tea: Dinner (Not the drink, though i do love a nice cuppa, but Tea also means “What’s for tea then ma?”)
Lass: A female
Lad: A male or female

But that’s British slang :man_shrugging:

I mean, i know a lot more but i’m not one for writing dictionary’s but i do understand a LOT of northern accents

(I’ll be adding onto this haha)

If you ever need help with words from the UK you just don’t get or the debates (Like What ever a Breadcake,Teacake,Roll,Bap,muffin Or whatever) Just honestly ask me, i know so much :joy: :joy:


I love the northern accent :heart_eyes: a have a friend in Manc and a friend in York. I love listening to them :joy::woman_facepalming:t2: And most assume we all sound posh here in Blighty, cracks me up when they hear me talk. Not what they were expecting :rofl:

Cuppa: The symbol of Britain


lol, idk if you use these in america but here’s what we use (or at least i use rip):

peng ting= girlfriend/boyfriend
fit= hot
having tea/beef= argument
my g= my friend
innit tho= agreeing with something
can’t be arsed= can’t be bothered (cba)
butters= ugly
gassed= excited


Haha i love the different accents around the UK!

You could be a 10 minute train ride and they’d have a completely different accent :man_shrugging:. My accent is realllly strong though and it can get on other peoples nerves when they don’t have a clue what i’m saying :joy:


My class chants “Beef beef beef beef” when there is an argument! :rofl::rofl::rofl: