does anyone else in the episode community like brockhampton? I don’t wanna feel like a loner and I want some friends lololol


HOLY SHIT LMAO this is the last place I’d expect to meet another brockhampton fan!! What are your favorite songs and who’s your favorite member? I’ve been totally indulged in brockhampton lately, they rule


OMG I DIDNT THINK THAT ANYONE WOULD ANSWER THIS HAHAHA anyways I don’t really know if I have a favorite song but if I did it would probably be swamp. now for my favorite members, I love them all equally but I love Ciaran, matt, joba and ian a lil more :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh shit yeah, joba’s my guy honestly. His verse in BOOGIE gets me so hype, after the song ends I gotta turn off my system and calm tf down for a minute lmao


same hehe


Anyone on here sing/rap?? We should create a group under a brockhampton… like they did under a Kanye forum and just keep the cycle going