Broken background

My background is approved and when I copy and paste it into my script it says that my background doesn’t exist. My background has been approved for about a day now and it cant be a spelling error. I’m honestly not sure what to do, has anyone else got this? is it a bug or did i do something wrong? Does it not work when its copy pasted?

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Check to see if you have an error under the background name in your script

save and preview

It just doesnt do the next line of script if i do that

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Did u refresh your page?

did you refreshed ?

It is showing that theres an error under the background name but it says that the background just doesnt even exist?

Yes. I did

The scipt does that if you have an error after the background. Fix that error then the error message saying the background doesn’t exist will go away.

Ok. Tysm!

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