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                                  *** trigger warning ***

This RP will contain themes of suicide, depression, and other related disorders. It is sort of a rant RP. I’ve talked to many people who haven’t been feeling the best lately (in real life), and since the forums are a place of escape for many people I thought maybe a place to let go of all those feelings would be a good idea. I know I use my characters to release my emotions, so I created this RP for others to do the same. If you are uncomfortable talking about these themes you do not have to, nor does your character have to reflect on your personal life. It is simply an opportunity to talk to others in a safe environment in order to release emotion and perhaps find new motivation and inspiration for help and health. You have been warned about the topics.

Daniel met Josh when they were in third grade. They became instant friends, hanging out most days after school. They became more popular as they got older, being on the football team and heads of the student government. Daniel and Josh were on homecoming court together, partied together, drank together, but swore they would never do drugs so as to stay on the team. However, despite the promise, Daniel caught Josh in a bathroom at a house party, snorting cocaine. That was the first time Josh had kept a secret from Daniel. He drove him to his own house to avoid Josh’s parents finding out, and stayed with him until it wore off. That was the first time Daniel had to cover for him, but it wasn’t the last. Eventually, Josh became addicted to the rush; he hardly slept.

Daniel would stay with him for hours at night trying to get him calm. Josh’s grades started slacking, so Daniel did his work. He couldn’t lose him. He would pick him up from parties he was too high to stay at, keep him in his basement so no one would see, bathe him when vomit got his clothes, and covered for him in drug tests. The truth was, Daniel loved him, wholeheartedly adored him ever since they hit high school. Daniel would do anything for him. Even buy him more of the thing that was slowly killing him…

Josh begged Daniel for money. “Just one more time. I’ll stop after this, dude, I promise.” The words plagued Daniel’s memory. That was the last thing he heard Josh say. Josh took the money and bought heroin. The coke wasn’t enough anymore. The night before the kick-off game, Josh overdosed. Daniel went to pick him up for school and found his body curled in the bathtub with the needle still stuck in his vein. Daniel screamed, called his parents, felt his pulse and noticed, not a heartbeat, but the warmth of his skin. Josh had passed just 6.34 minutes before Daniel got there. He had memorized that number now.

“If I had only been faster. If I didn’t give him that money. If I told Coach the truth about the drugs…”

The funeral was full. Everyone from school was there. No one understood how this could’ve happened. No one knew. Daniel did. He felt the guilt of that every day, the guilt of knowing and never speaking. It ate him alive. So, in Josh’s memory he decided to open a club. A club for the sad, addicted, conflicted, and abused. A club for the broken. Daniel talked to the principal and reserved the student government meeting room every Monday and Friday after school. He wanted to make sure there was a place people could go. Where their voices could be heard by many, and where those voices could speak out with words that would guide and help others. But maybe deep down, Daniel started the club for himself too…


Everyone has bad days. Here, everyone has had more than their share of pain. Welcome to Jackson Academy’s Secret Support Group for the Broken. SSGB was founded after a fellow classmate, Josh Patterson, committed suicide. His best friend, Daniel Mikaelson decided to start a group for those who need a place to escape to. A place to talk about their problems, seek advice, or rant about their day. To Daniel, Josh seemed to be happy. After his death, Daniel read Josh’s letters and realized the built up feelings he had carried with him and how little we truly get to know people. He decided that he would create a secret support group to help those who felt as if they didn’t have a place to go or anyone to talk to in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

You are a student at Jackson Academy, and Daniel has just approached you about joining the group. You knew Daniel had been recruiting people for a club for a while but didn’t know what it was really about until now.

You can decide how Daniel met your character, why he asked your character to join (i.e. what disorder or problem they have. flirt with heartbreak, a cheerleader with an eating disorder, a football player with drug addiction etc).

The link to the Faceclaims will be below. Please do not use the exact examples I have given. Be unique, and feel free to be yourself. This RP is as much to help real people as it is to help the characters. It’s to form a new trust, new relationships, and new love inside and outside of the forums.

-If you blatantly insult another person or shame them you will be reported and asked to leave. 0 tolerance for hatred. Joking insults are fine if they are in character.
-Do not make your character perfect and happy and in the club. Daniel invites the people because they are BROKEN. That’s the whole idea.
-Daniel will be played by me, and you can make up any kind of encounter that caused him to invite your character, but do not make the encounter romantic.
-Everyone is in school, so don’t expect to hang out with the people in the group for the whole day. You might have a character that is insanely popular who doesn’t speak to anyone outside of the group. Try to be realistic with it

"Love changes lives."

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Opening prompt: The school day has just begun. It is the day of the first meeting. Monday mornings always feel worse, don’t they? Before the bell rings for class, maybe try to make it suck less. Grab a coffee from the cafeteria, talk to some friends, maybe head to class early.

Daniel’s class schedule:
-1st period: Literature
-2nd period: Music Theory
-3rd period: Weight Training
-4th period: World History
-5th period: Lunch
-6th period: French

We will not take time to go through each period. The school will be a free for all until I call the lunch bell and the end of school bell. Everyone has the same lunch period. I included the schedule to give you guys places to run into him through the day if he isn’t occupied.

Girl in the hall:

“I heard Daniel Mikaelson has gone totally off the rails. I hear he’s recruiting some sort of mysfit army to petition for the whole school to be drug tested.”

Other girl:

“I heard he was using Josh’s suicide to get with girls. How sick is that?”

Girl in the hall:

“Yeah, I heard that too. Apparently, he didn’t even cry at Josh’s funeral…”


I wandered the halls, watching the eyes turn as I walked. Faces struck with fear, confusion, pity, and judgment blurred past me. I could hear the rumors. I knew everyone would talk.

“Good, let them talk.” I thought. “Maybe then they’ll start to listen.”

I walked down to the cafeteria to grab a banana and waited for the bell to ring.



He scurried down the hall like a fearful rat, dodging people and trying to be unnoticeable. He did it with somewhat of a success making it to the cafeteria. He walked inside, glad that the school served at least something for breakfast. He never really got to eat anything in the morning at home, basing most of his meals at lunch.


Leaning against the grimy, graffiti’d plastic bathroom divider, Quinn inhaled slowly. Slowly. Maybe if she just… took her time, like the woman in the watermelon dress told her… but no, she glanced at her phone, there’s no time.
Suddenly, the dreaded sound she’d been waiting for: a small creak and the door opened, heels clicking on the concrete floor. A familiar ringtone played, three chipper notes on a xylophone, and that was all Quinn needed to scoop her backpack off the floor and rush out.
Black flats are not the ideal running shoes, but Quinn had spent an hour and twelve minutes picking out this outfit, and she would not sacrifice it to her anxiety. It took a lot of effort, especially when she wanted to sleep all day.
As she passed her old friend group while hurrying to arrive at European History, she wondered. Would they notice her new cashmere sweater? Would they care about her matching skirt? Did it matter what she wore? Would they be friends again, go to parties again, buy matching necklaces again, send middle-of-the-night texts again?
No. Never. After the attempt, Quinn was deemed crazy. It wasn’t helpful that she accidentally outed herself afterwards. After all, I don’t deserve their friendship, she thought, seating herself in the cold, empty classroom.


She slowly made her way out the car, and waved to her mom as she left. She slowly walked up to the school, and tried to keep her breathing normal. She had a smile on her face as she waved to a few people she passed by, and entered the lunch room. Instead of getting breakfast she sat down, and eyed her phone for a moment, waiting for the bell to ring.



She parked her car and got out. She walked into the school not talking to anyone nor making eye contact. Her head was down with her earbuds in her ears. She was listening to 3 Days Grace “Home”. She loved her music. She walked to her locker and opened it up. She stood there just jamming out infront of her locker. She didn’t care what people thought.


Daniel :

“Hey, Cam.” I smiled slightly as I moved to sit by Camilla who was on her phone. “Are you doing basketball cheer this season?” I asked, setting down a muffin I grabbed on the way over and an apple juice box.



She looked up, and smiled at him.” Yeah more then likely. Always trying to stay busy ya know.” She looked at his apple juice and smiled.” How’re you doing…I know it’s kinda hard right now.”



Daniel :

“Surviving.” I managed to say, pushing the food toward her. “I’m not really into chocolate chip muffins. Must’ve grabbed the wrong one by mistake. You want it?” I asked, handing her the juice as well.

She needed to eat something for breakfast.

“How about you? I know you and Josh had…whatever your relationship with him was.” I said, trying not to laugh.

Cam was one of the many girls Josh had entertained in his last few months. She was always my favorite though. The only one who at least tried to keep him grounded.




I got done at my locker and I walked to class… I walked in the classroom and took my seat at the back and slouched down in my seat with my earbuds still in listening to Bea Miller “Paperdoll”! One of my favorite songs.


She watched as he pushed it toward her.” Nah it’s fine I’m not hungry in the morning.” She pushed it back to him, and nodded slowly.” Yeah…I’ll miss him, but I guess we just have to keep pushing.” She glanced away from him as she fiddled with her necklace. She felt a tight pull in her stomach, but thought best against it. She wasn’t hurngry and food was the least of her worries.” I’m going to miss him though.”



Daniel :

“I’ll leave it here…in case you change your mind. Maybe take a few bites. At least the juice. You can take it with you. Everyone loves juice.” I said, giving her a small wink as I stood up.

“I miss him too…” I felt the bile rise to my throat and a stinging in my eyes. I pushed it down. I’ve practically mastered the art of fighting back tears.

“See you at practice tomorrow then I guess. I think that’s when try outs are.” I shrugged, grabbing my bag and heading toward the hall.

My eyes scanned the halls.

Mark, Quinn, Lola, Cam.

Maybe they would show up today. Maybe it would work.

I walked down the hall to my locker, keeping a straight face as people parted, whispering and pointing.

It almost didn’t bother me anymore. Almost…



She looked at the food then back at him nodding.” Yeah…see you.” After he left she grabbed her bag, and walked toward the doors. She felt so cold with everything that has happened in the last few days. But she smiled and waved to a few people she passed by. It didn’t matter none of it really did. She just had to try her best, and make it through the day in one piece.



Alex stared at the dark circles beneath his eyes, emphasized by the cheap, filmy mirror hanging above the sink of the boy’s bathroom. He shifted his weight as he mulled over his options, fiddling with a piece of string in his pocket. He was tired, it was Monday, he just needed to focus a bit more. Just a bit. And with that, he hungrily ripped open the bottle of pills he had stuffed in his pocket, the familiar rattle already calming him and causing his heart to race at the same time. He swallowed two, a contented sigh escaping from his lips before he could stop it. Nervously looking around, he was glad no one had heard. Slipping in his headphones, he looked one more time into the mirror, trying to avoid the shame slithering into his stomach as he met his own eyes. Then he headed off to class, head down, and waited for his adderall to kick in.


Striding into the cafeteria with confidence, Becca smoothed down her perfectly pleated skirt, which barely covered her tanned thighs. Paired with a delicate cream sweater that exposed her tight midriff and a pair of Jimmi Choo heels, this outfit alone cost nearly 500 dollars. Despite her coiffed exterior, Becca spotted a chocolate muffin abandoned on a table and nearly tripped, swallowing painfully and clenching her teeth to ignore the hollowness in her stomach. Breakfast is for the weak, Bec. I’m not weak.
Recovering and flashing a few friends a warm smile, she strutted off to class, ignoring the emptiness inside.


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He kept his eyes on the clock as he quickly ate the banana he had gotten in the lunchroom. He finished it quickly before tossing the peel in the trash. Afterwards, he made his way out of the cafeteria, wanting to get to class already. There wasn’t much point in hanging around anywhere else. As he walked down the hall dodging and weaving between people he ended up tripping and stumbling into someone, able to catch his balance against them. “Oh gosh, I’m so sorry.” He said to them. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m sorry.” He said, panic beginning to settle inside of him. Oh god. They’re going to beat me up, aren’t they? He worried.

@JasonWasHere - Alex


ORP: your writing is fantastic dude! things might be a little slow now. I’m trying to wait on my friend kerb who helped with the FC’s. she’s having a rough day, so I’m going to hold off on the class bell until she gets her character introduced.

only thing is you should put “ORP” which means “out of role play” or OOC “out of character” when making a comment on a roleplay. it’s just so the other writers know your break between a real comment and a comment made in the role play. you’re doing fantastic for this being your first RP. do you write outside of this?




Without even thinking, Alex caught the figure that had stumbled into him, his strong arms gently grasping the stranger’s sides and helping him to stay upright. He cringed slightly at the contact, hoping he hadn’t made the situation awkward without the help of his drugs. He wasn’t quite so confident, not yet. “Hey, no worries, man.” He said calmly, offering his new companion a half-grin.


ORP: Ok, thank you! That makes a lot of sense actually. I do write sometimes, but this is my first time sharing it with other people, so I’m a bit nervous, haha. I hope your friend is doing ok!