*** trigger warning ***

This RP will contain themes of suicide, depression, and other related disorders. It is sort of a rant RP. I’ve talked to many people who haven’t been feeling the best lately (in real life), and since the forums are a place of escape for many people I thought maybe a place to let go of all those feelings would be a good idea. I know I use my characters to release my emotions, so I created this RP for others to do the same. If you are uncomfortable talking about these themes you do not have to, nor does your character have to reflect your personal life. It is simply an opportunity to talk to others in a safe environment in order to release emotion and perhaps find new motivation and inspiration for help and health. You have been warned about the topics.

Everyone has bad days. Here, everyone has had more than their share of pain. Welcome to Jackson Academy’s secret support group for the broken. SSGB was founded after a fellow classmate, Josh Patterson, committed suicide. His best friend, Daniel Mikaelson decided to start a group for those who need a place to escape to. A place to talk about their problems, seek advice, or rant about their day. To Daniel, Josh seemed to be happy. After his death, Daniel read Josh’s diary and realized the built up feelings everyone carries with them and how little we truly get to know people’s minds. He decided that he would create a secret support group to help those who felt as if they didn’t have a place to go or anyone to talk to in order to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

You are a student at Jackson Academy, and Daniel has just approached you about joining the group. You knew Daniel had been recruiting people for a club for a while, but didn’t know what it was really about until now.

You can decide how Daniel met your character, why he asked your character to join (i.e. what disorder or problem they have. flirt with heartbreak, cheerleader with eating disorder, football player with drug addiction etc).

The link to the Faceclaims will be below. Please do not use the exact examples I have given. Be unique, and feel free to be yourself. This RP is as much to help real people as it is to help the characters. It’s to form new trust, new relationships, and new love inside and outside of the forums.

-If you blatantly insult another person or shame them you will be reported and asked to leave. 0 tolerance for hatred. Joking insults are fine if they are in character.
-Do not make your character perfect and happy and in the club. Daniel invites the people because they are BROKEN. That’s the whole idea.
-Daniel will be played by me, and you can make up any kind of encounter that caused him to invite your character, but do not make the encounter romantic.
-Everyone is in school, so don’t expect to hang out with the people in the group for the whole day. You might have a character that is insanely popular who doesn’t speak to anyone outside of the group. Try to be realistic with it

"Love changes lives."

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I might or might not sign up for this.
It sounds great tho


of course! like I said there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with the concept, but it is to help people and I know the story will be genuine and heartfelt. it will be good if people sign-up.


I’m gonna keep this open for 5 days and if it doesn’t get any sign ups I’ll just delete it


I love this idea and I will definitely reserve for one! Maybe two if I want to make a girl!


god bless you


I’m Jesus so like? Read my bio!!! Anyone np Kait


Is this good? @DandelionKate I made him


This is a great idea. I’ll reserve for a demigirl (if that’s okay).




This sounds really cool, mind if I give it a shot? I’ve never done this before but I’m ready to try, and this looks like a great place to start (:


of course! if you ever need help with figuring RP’s out just PM me!


Great! Thanks so much, I might actually take you up on that :grinning:


no problem :slight_smile:️ thank you for trying it out


Should I create a girl too? I kind of like the idea of a smaller RP group, but if we need more people I’m down to make more characters.


I like smaller groups too but you’re welcome to make a girl. I’m going to try to recruit more of my friends. we only have 5 characters right now…2 are mine :sweat_smile: so. I think we need at least 10 total characters


asdffhkggjfskdal I’m definitely signing up omg


Question, are they only able to have one disorder/problem? (I just wanna make sure–)


nope. you can click other and add multiple! just type out what you need me to know and I’ll make sure to add it to the FC :two_hearts:


You both are just so great my heart is so full from seeing a couple of my fave people interacting wtf this is great