Brooke offical outline contest

Hello hello bonjouir hola welcome to my first outline contest YAY but before I start lets get to the rules

  1. Make sure to credit me for the outline

  2. Do not steal my outline if you do I will report you

  3. Have fun and be creative

  4. Do not steal others work

Thats all the rules

Now to the prizessss

First place prize
You get an outline and edit and get to keep as yours without crediting me
You get to be feautred in my story

Second place winner

You get an edit
If you have instagram you get a follow and spam of hearts and a shoutout

Thrid place
You get to be featured in my story
If you have instagram you get a follow and spam of hearts and a shoutout

pick any you want or both


Make sure to follow me on insta Epy.brookelyn

Tags : @teahwalker444 @MadisonW @IDONTKNOWREAL @_Nasia @WinterMoon05

Due: August 18


Can I join or are you still angry with me ?


And no why

Heres my version of the second outline

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Oh no just askign and Thanks so much !
When is it due

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Due: August 18

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Ok thx

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Ahahaha :sob::sob::sob: I never see Te or Madi on forums :disappointed_relieved:

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I’ll try,

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Ok here’s my version

Inspired by @Episode.Harmony
Credit for outline @Epy.raven
The rainbow represents the harmony in @Episode.Harmony


Aahhh te there u r

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Wow amazing

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Can you also post it on jnsta use the hastag #brooke1outlinecontest

What’s your ig?

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Sadly I don’t have insta but if u or someone else could post it and just give me credit but also for who did the outline

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And sure @Kalizzza

Cough This Sucks Cough



Wowoowowowowowo amamamamammamammzinngngnntn

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what should i join?

nah i’m not that good