Brooke offical outline contest


No credit needed npw


Also winners will be decided today and I will make another outline contest


Will u tell the winners here?




How many winners are there


Winners are

@Kalizzza first place

Love how you colored it and turned it to rainbow

@Fazeclan_Lover second place

Love the blue it look so blue fantastic


Love the colors

@Lunar_Rose first place of my second outline

Love the colors and how you shaded it


3 and 3 for each contest


You need some imrpovibg like moving the layers and keeping the shading from getting out


I love the eyes and moith it looks so beautiful


Thabks so much and i know i havee to improve alot








yay thx for the tag


What this for? :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s for the next outline contest if you want to enter


Oh ok kool :smile:


Oh can I get your ig? Or do I have it already?