Brooke offical request thread

Hello welcome to my request thread I make a lot of things for example art scene,outlines,covers,splash,overlays etc I have been doing this for 8 months now and haved really improved now enough with my chit chat now to tge examples

Ps: I have lost a lot of work due to my tablet being broken so there is a few examples more to come when people request

Here are my examples

My eleven examplrs

Untitled73 Untitled72 IMG_20180804_094358_834

IMG_20180803_233439_117 Untitled69-3

Please know that Im not a profesional

Ps: some examples I traced them from pics from google when not all the things in the pic like half and do my own thing

Lets go to how to request

How to request a splasu
  1. What kind of splash would you like

  2. What background do you want

  3. Any characters

  4. What kind of text style

  5. Text color

  6. When do you need it by

How to request a cover

Disription of story

What is the story name

What is the other name

Any characters

If you want characters please send the details or pic of it in the pose (sending screen shot make me give it faster)

Whats the background

Text color

Text style

When do you need it

Any other things to know



Updating it