Brooke’s Directing Shop!

Hey guys!

I have decided to make a Directing Shop to go with my Episode Shop!

Here, you can request and find:

-Directing Help
-How-To Guides
-Custom Script Templates
-and more!

I will try and update the Shop every WEEK, on Saturdays around 12:00 P.M. Things may change, and I will do mm best to stick to the schedule!

Click each of the links below to find what your looking for! Click here to view the whole shop!

DM me @brooketurner.writes on Instagram or PM me on the Forums with any questions/requests! To view my Episode Shop, click here!

Any and all script templates and guides belong to me, so please give credit if you use them!

Directing Help

If you need Directing Help DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me! I will be happy to help you out with your issue!


Click here to view my templates catalog! You can find anything from customization templates to full closet templates! If you would like a custom one, fill out the form under Templates

How-To Guides

Click here to view my guides catalog! Here you can find guides for writing your story and different coding/commands! DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me with any suggestions and feedback!

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Hi I need help with choice

Sure! Waddya need help with?

Uploading: 01EE974F-8E1D-4C29-AD24-F6A80E3B1D7F.jpeg…

Like my choices

Just a heads up, I don’t think the image finished uploading :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah it didn’t upload

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Hi, so I’m having a problem.
I’ve tried almost everything to code this scene but still have problems. It’s supposed to make a clock hand move. I don’t want to be seen as a lazy type but I’ve looked and still can’t understand.

I know how to fix that! This happened to me before and when I realized the answer it was like ohhhh! I’ll PM you in a little bit because I’m at the Turkey Hill Experience rn

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Ok, no problem but I’ll pm you since my dm’s are locked.


already done.

Oh you figure it out? Sounds good!

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