Brooke’s Episode Shop!

Hey guys!

I have decided to make one BIG Episode Shop!

Here, you can request and find:

-Small Covers
-Large Covers
-and more!

I will try and update the Shop every WEEK, on Saturdays around 12:00 P.M. Things may change, and I will do mm best to stick to the schedule!

Click each of the links below to find what your looking for! Click here to view the whole shop!

DM me @brooketurner.writes on Instagram or PM me on the Forums with any questions/requests! To view my Directing Shop, click here !

Any and all resources that are from other users and creators WILL be credited!


Click here for my background catalog! You can find Indoor and Outdoor backgrounds ranging from 1-3 panels. Most of them also come with helpful day/night overlays! Please make sure to give the creators credit! If you don’t see something your looking for, DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me!


Click here to view my covers catalog! You can find small and large covers I have made for people, as well as guides on how to make your own ones! If you would like one, DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me!


Click here to view my overlay catalog! Here you can find transparent overlays to use in your story! While most of them are mine, please give credit to the other creators as well if you use one of theirs! I will soon be posting a guide on how to create your own overlays as well! If you would like one not in the catalog, DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me!


Click here to view my splashes catalog! Here you’ll find intros, outros, and splashes to use in your story! While most of these I have made, please make sure to credit the creator at some point in your story if another creator has made it! If you would like a custom splash, DM me @brooketurner.writes or PM me!

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Hi do u think u could do a cover for me? Xx

Totally! PM me :stuck_out_tongue:

Could u do a small and large cover for me :heart:

I’ll do my best! PM me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi is this shop still opened?

Hi could you make me a small and large cover