😍 Brooke’s Little Art Shop

Sure u can join x

I will start your request ASAP x

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Np x

Thanks! xxxxx

Hay can you make me pfp?

Thanks I’l send you the details



Drawn and I want the animation to be wink

Should I send you the picture of character with animation too?

Can you make me edit? :joy:


So my character’s details are the same in my pfp for this website which are…
Hair Dark Black Beach Wave
Skin- Copper 06
Eyebrows- Arched Thin High- Dark Black
Eyes- Female Generic Aqua Blue
Face Shape-Soft Round
Nose- Upturned
Lips- Full Heart Pouty, Red Deep Gloss
With freckles.
With the same clothes as the picture.

Hey guys I’m back for today so if anyone wants to request nows the time x
(I’ll be gone for a few days after)

Hi, if you’re still doing requests, what all do you need to know for an art scene?

Just send a pic of your characters and describe the pose you’d like and if you want it in comic or realistic x

Ink Art Scene

Pose: Emma is looking up with tears forming in her eyes, and Felix has his hands on her hips, kissing her forehead

I want it to be realistic.
Do you need the background I want too?

Yes please x

I’ll get right to it x

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Thank you!

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