"brown black" hair color not existent for males?

So something I realized when creating my male character, is that the “brown black” hair color won’t appear on the character settings, however, if you add a template, for example, to change the MC’s looks, it works. I just wanted to say that it doesn’t exist in the character settings, idk if that counts as a bug. But yeah.

Yeah I have the same bug, it only does it to the medium side curls hair style. Where the Brown Black colour is removed for some reason.

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I just went through every hairstyle again, and I found out:
There are three different “color schemes.”

  1. There’s one that has Brown Black and Brown Chestnut (and all the others)
  2. One that only has Brown Black (and all the others)
  3. One that doesn’t have any of those 2

Hairstyles that have the 1st “color scheme” (8):
Afro, Crew Cut, Generic Short, Long Braided, Manbun, Medium Curly, Medium Taper Wavy, Slicked Back Solid,

Hairstyles that have the 2nd “color scheme” (49):
Conservative Cut, Cropped Punk Cut, Curly Loose Afro Hair, Curly Mohawk, Dreads Long Loose Bun, Dreads Loose Medium Shoulder Hair, Dreads Loose Top Short, Dreads Mohawk Wrap Up Hair, Emo Pixie, Long Bang Short Hair, Long Curls, Long Dreadlocks, Long Layered Side Part, Long Loose Curls, Long Straight Slicked Back, Long Tapered Widows Peak, Long Thick Curls, Long Top Messy Curls, Long Wavy Blowout, Long Wavy Parted, Medium Dreadlocks, Medium Messy Fluffy Parted, Medium Side Part Flip, Medium Waves Natural, Messy Undercut, Messy Wild Unkempt, Military Fade Cut, Mohawk Dreads Short, Receded Hairline, Receding Short Straight, Scene Swoosh, Short Curly Fade, Short Messy Curls, Short Pixie, Short Shaggy, Short Side Part Curly, Short Side Shave, Short Twists, Short Wavy, Side Swept Medium Hair Solid, Small Bun, Small Ponytail Wavy Parted Hair, Straight Bang Fluffy Hair Hair, Straight Medium, Tousled Loose Curls Long, Undercut Short Straight Texture, Wavy Long, Wavy Messy, Wavy Quiff

Hairstyles that have the 3rd “color scheme” (4):
Medium Messy Curls, Medium Side Curls, Medium Wavy Messy, Updo Pony Wavy Long

Took a while, but at least now I know this.


That’s interesting. When they first released the brown black hair color, it also did not show up for one of the female styles… the one also called Wavy Side Curls. They added it after it was point out to them.

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Damn, I wasn’t part of the writing community when that hair colour was released and I only noticed the bug maybe over a month ago, didn’t know it had issues in the past.

I don’t have these extended issues, it’s only the brown black for males for that one specific hairstyle that disappears for me :thinking:

Weird, well it’s not a major bug, since you can put up a customize character template for the readers, still hope it gets fixed eventually :slightly_smiling_face: :cat_typing:

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Sending in a support ticket will help. I sent one for glitches with dresses last week, and it’s been fixed since.