BRUTALLY HONEST story reviews!

title: Pregnant by the bad pregnant robot(?)

description: Love , laughter and drama collide in this wacky adventure with little life lessons along the way. Will the ships survive? Or will you fail to take the crazy? (the plot is memes)

Thank you for this awesome thread :blush: :grin:. Here’s mine below:
Story Title: Squad: The Gavinville Paranormal Team
Episode App Synopsis: In Gavinville, monsters attempt to plague the city with its enhanced evil, and it is up to four squad heroes Karen, Sharon, Regina, and Max and Kyle to stop them. But will they?
Full Synopsis:
In a town called Gavinville, monsters are known to plague the city with its evil and are up to no good, so it’s up to a squad team of heroes, Karen, Sharon, Regina, and Max and Kyle to stop the monsters from wrecking havoc in the city. But will they stop it in time? CC, Customize your squad, CC Name customization for two squad members,
Genre: Action, Horror, a bit of suspense, Comedy, etc.

  • Most choices do matter
  • Point System
  • Love Interests for Every Squad Member including Morgana
  • Mini games and tappable mini-games, etc.
  • There are some LGBTQ+ characters in this story, including my character Morgana the witch, a character who is a former bisexual, and more. I will be also adding some more as the story progresses :rainbow_flag:
  • A Photoshoot at the end of chapter 3 for all of your squad members :grin::slightly_smiling_face::framed_picture::camera_flash:


I would appreciate the feedback you can give for this story :grin::slightly_smiling_face::cherry_blossom:.


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Thank you for making this thread! I’d love to get some honest feedback.
Title: Godless
Author: Daisysford
Description: A strange planet, a sexy Captain and a risky mission. What could go wrong? Disaster strikes and trouble follows you wherever you go. Can you survive?
Choices Matter//CC//LL
Genre: Action (Sci Fi)
CC: Yes
Number of Chapters: 4
New Title Cover

Ahhh thank you for this :sparkles: Happy reading!

Title: Fairyland
Author: Superhuello
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 10 (Ongoing)
Description: To be the queen of the fairyland, Erin, a merry fairy, must experience a quest in the real world. But she experiences…LOVE? What an earthly anomaly!
Instagram: @superhuello.creates

Thank you for this thread! :heart:

Title : Cupid’s Curse
Description : Renee secretly lives a double life as the famous singer, Renee Miller, and the god of love, Cupid. What happens when she meets a stranger who starts to complicate things?
Genre : Drama
Cover :

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Thank you so much! :heart:

Title: Imperfectly Perfect
Author: Michelle Rose
Story Description: Isabella is starting her first year in college. All of her life everything has fallen perfectly into place. What will happen when things don’t go as planned? CC
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram: @episode.michellerose

When you’re free, would you mind reviewing my story? As it’s a comedy, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me whether it’s funny or not.
Story Name: Squad: runaway dragons
Genre: comedy (but its also kind of adventure/fantasy)
Description: 2 mischievous young dragons and their reluctant little sister, crashing at the place of a disbelieving human after a day of messing around on Earth. Are you ready for the chaos?
Style: LL

I would love for you to read my story.

Title: Beauty School Secrets
Genre: Adventure
Author Name: Maree
Dare to read about all the secrets that lie at Spring Hill College. Discover hidden clues and solve mysteries on the college campus. The real question is, "Can you keep a secret?

Title: The Bucket List [LIMELIGHT]
Author : Sophie M.
Description : Noa is an ambitious girl from a small island, Asher is a cocky guy from New York… What happens when their worlds collide and they need each other?
Genre : Romance - Comedy
Style : LL
Special : I took a lot of time on directing this story and making sure everything is perfect! Also there’s full customization and your choices matter!
Chapters : 4 and going
Link :

I would really appreciate if you gave my story a chance! I put in a lot of work to write it :slight_smile:

Hello, I’d be very grateful if you could review my unpublished story!
I’ve only written the first chapter but I think it’s enough for you to get what I’m going for
I’m just curious if you think this has any chance of becoming popular or if it’s a good idea

Here’s the link:

Thanks for this thread! I’d appreciate a feedback :heart:

Story Title: On The Brink
Author: Seep Mukta/ @mukta.episode
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 3
Description: Sometimes the strongest among us smile through silent pain, and cry behind closed doors. Follow Quinn on a journey that not only teaches to be happy but also fight battles nobody knows about. [LL, CC, Male/Female MC, Point System]

Sorry for anyone’s story I didn’t get to
I was gone for a bit

Hola…hope you like my story
CHAPTERS 3 chapters, more coming soon
You are rich, wealthy, famous and Bad. Then why did you moved to a new country? What is the mess crated by you? What happens when the Leader Of Mafia aka Leon Riiana falls for you? Will you be able to escape from the world of darkness?? Will you find your true chemistry?? What is the mess created by you??
•+3 Love Interests
•9 Different Endings
•Choose Your Love Interest
•FULL CC of MC and 3LI

IG @diami.ttal_writes

Small cover

Large cover


Please check out my story
:sparkles:See No Color

I just uploaded it today it there are only 3 episodes.
I would just like to see it from another’s perspective. Please help me out🙃

Title: Beauty revenge
Genre: Drama
Author: Merlin Romance
Style: LL
Description: You’re an “ugly” girl who gets into a car crash. Getting new nose from a star plastic surgeon is just a start. Can he make you beautiful? Can you NOT fall for him? CC, choices.


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