Bts army anyone here?

so is there an armi here ? i would love to meet you guys !
my name is haylee and i’m 16 from india .
my bias is jimin . and wreacked my ot7 . hahahhhaa lol they all are just so perfect hehe .
i would love to hear from you guys ! what’s ur name ? where are you from ? who is ur bias ?


Personally I’m not a part of the army but I like bts, my bias is RM.
I’m Makayla and I’m from L.A.

Im a major blink though so yeah, sorry to be off topic

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it’s ok i love BP too . RM is my inspirartor hehe .
who is ur bias in BP ?

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Lisa all the way!!!

YASSS lisaaa is my favvv. her rappp omggg i lobe ittt !!!

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