BTS (Bangtan Boys) Episode!

Demi Lovato
Cameron Dallas
The Dol Twins

What do they have in common?

They’re all famous.

Obvious I know, but as you know there are more celebrities than just American.

Now, I am a hugggeee K-Popper and BTS is one of my favorite groups.

Remembering the episodes I read by @V.S, called the Deadly Five and other stories like Infamous by @Kaylas.epi , Beyond the Stage by @andreaelle . **BY FAR THE TOP BEST EPISODES I EVER READ.
I really want to create an Episode with someone or some people who are good at directing (because I’m just starting out),writing and are just as in love with these 7 boys as I am! Let’s add another culture to Episode, shall we?

Please reply on this thread if you want to join and what you’re good at!

For Example:
“I’m Min Suga Genius Jjang Jjang Man Bboong Bboong, and I am good at writing!”

Other options include but is not limited to:

  • Directing
    *Art (cover art, special art scenes etc)

So… yeah hope people are willing to join! Let’s make a hit Episode for the K-Culture community!

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I’m sorry but you can’t do a story like that :sweat_smile:

We can’t? Why?

Because you need a contract with the celebrities to use their images in your story. Episode have contracts with Demi Lovato, etc… This is why they were able to write stories with them in it.

Ahhh so can I still create a group that is inspired by BTS?

You can, but you can’t use their names ( nor stages names ) for the characters.

And not their agencies names and any thing that could identify them.

Got it! Thank you for informing me!!! :relaxed:

It would be awesome if that happened! You got to play a BTS story on the episode app (you’re a huge fan of them) and I got to play a Marilyn Manson story on the wonderful app (I’m a huge fan of him) :sparkling_heart: Sigh, we have our dreams to navigate episode stories on celebrities and tv shows/movies and pick choices that we want right? :pensive: P.S in our dreams, diamond choices are free XD

Lol yeah, but due to episodes rules , looks like a lot of things need to change within it