Bubbles Bubbly Cover Art Thread

Hey Everyone! I’ve made this thread for new writers who needs no quick cover art. I have a few rules before you request, Also you have to fill out the form bellow. Your Cover Art can take up to 1 hour to 1 week, I will notify you if it will take longer than expected. I also have examples of my work down bellow.

Examples of my work link:
(I added some of my recent work.)

Story Title:
Image of Character(s):
Additional Information:
(All of these categories in the form are mandatory!)


  1. No requesting if your not going to use the cover I made!
  2. You may only request once at this thread.
  3. You may only ask twice for a redo!
  4. I may not accept your request, incase that event takes place I will send you dm.
  5. You may ask for a quote on your cover or blush on a character.
  6. You may resize yourself, I only provide the Covers!
  7. Give me credit for the cover art I provide for you.
  8. When sending the picture of the characters, please make them doing the action(s) you want or tell me the action you want.

Thanks so much for choosing to request at this thread! :d


Please edit your post and put it somewhere in writers community :heart: :heart: :heart:

Story title : remember to forget you
Author: daydreamer
Description : He’s a billionaire looking for a child
She’s a badass desperate average girl trying to save her dad.
When they collide will they be able to forget
Genre: mystery, romance and action
Theme : conflict, sadness and love.

Well you can choose to change their outfits and any background is fine by me
The actions is like the lady us fading and he’s tryna hold on or anything you think will fit
I’d be very grateful if you can do it for me, thanks in advance.

Her you go Vuldka, I didn’t really understand the part when you said “The actions is like the lady us fading and he’s try a hold on” but I hope you still like it. By the way, I made two covers (one with the author name and one with just the title)!

Don’t forget, you can ask for a redo or for me to change anything!

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@Ryan Resorces?


Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live. Cheers @RudeInception you’re a legend :v:t2:

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OMG I looooove it thanks a lot and I’ll not forget to credit you for this beautiful art. I’m speechless :heart_eyes:

No problem! By the way, I would love to read your episode! It sound interesting!

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Really, well it will be out very soon and when it is you’ll be the first to know :blush:
Thanks again, it means a lot to me!

[quote=“Bubbles, post:1, topic:2852”]
Story Title: “Submerged Souls”

Description: Selena Everlandz, a 19-year-old teen is far from the normal definition of-- well “normal.” She’s involved in a not-so-safe world filled with danger, weapons, and death lurking around every corner. When her team gets a crucial task; will she fail or will she emerge?

Author: Anie Sriv

Genre: Action/Drama

Theme: Closure, conflict, mystery, and action

Image of Character(s):

Additional Information: So the MC is Selena or the girl with the green hair…
You can choose the actions they’re doing…
I imagine them to look dangerous if you know what I mean…
Anyways thank you so much in advance for doing this for me! :slight_smile:
[/quote] [quote=“Bubbles, post:1, topic:2852, full:true”]

Story Title: falsely incarcerated
Description: it’s about a girl who’s boyfriend makes her a scapegoat and she has a abusive warden
Author: Benzzy
Genre: Drama/Comdy/ action
Theme: jail
Image of Character(s): na
Additional Information: can you just make a random girl chara black her out except for a orange jumpsuit ? (I’ve been using the orange scrubs as jumpsuits)

Here is your cover(s) @Benzzy!

Hope you like them! Don’t forget, you can ask for a redo!
As for you @Anie_Sriv, your cover request it a bit more complex with a lot of characters so your request should be done before Thursday!

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Here is your cover @Anie_Sriv !

Sorry it took me so long to do this! My friend @IIChanII helped me with this one so had to kinda pass it back in fort!
Hope you like it! Don’t forget, you can ask for a redo!

Omg this is so incredible!! I can’t wait to use this!!! Thank you so so much! I didn’t mind the time span, and either way, you totally made up for it!
It’s perfect! I can’t think of anything to redo…

Hiya. Putting in a request for the large cover of my story

Story Title: 1997

Description: in the summer of ‘97 six young teenage rebels go out to a motel to spend their last weekend of summer together.

Author: Katy S

Genre: Romance

Theme: summer, lgbt, the 90s

Image of Character(s): posted below

Additional Information: this will be my large cover. I have one ready made as a small cover currently. I am just looking for something a bit more professional looking. Thanks!

Story Title: We will meet again.
Description: Veronica is a sweet girl, Luca is a boy in a lot of troble but have good heart.
Drama, romance, betray, what will happen?
You decide.
Author: stev1997
Genre: Romance/Drama
Theme: mystery
Image of Character(s):
Additional Information:You can choose the actions they’re doing…
I imagine them to look dangerous if you know what I mean.
Anyways thank you so much in advance for doing this for me :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I love it!!

Is it possible that you can just make an art of one character in white background?

Sure I can, just a disclaimer Im not the best a character edits…

Ok, thanks! I really appreciate your help.