Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Angel, easy. Like, that’s a great love story, and filled with so much evil at the same time, and then an amazing love story up until the very end.

Even with Spike, she’s still all about Angel. That’s a real love and I love it.

Spike irritates me and so does Riley. I like Riley better than Spike though. I like Spike better as a villain. Spike is a terrible love interest. Terrible.

I wish so often that he’d died at some point and then stayed dead. In case you don’t remember, he came back to life in Angel, the spin-off. Ick…he was a fan favorite, so.


Yes, Spike made a great villain, no don’t let him on the good side :pleading_face:
Buffy and Angel’s relationship was beautiful- it sucked when he left though : (
If Angel didn’t leave, Spike probably wouldn’t even be a love interest :laughing:
Dracula is the only vampire that came back from the dust and I heard about Spike coming back to, but haven’t watched Angel :sweat_smile:
Though I did search up spoilers.
This makes me wonder, hmm, so vampires, even though they die, can come back to life…?


It all depends on what the universe wants from them, needs from them, whatever magic voodoo nonsense went down.

In mythology, a vampire is a grotesque, evil demonic creature, but on earth, a vampire’s spirit basically takes the human body so they can use God’s wonderful creation, humans, against itself. It’s just another way for them to stir the pot and whatever. Vampires…smh.

I think the human soul dies, stays dead, but the vessel, the body stays fresh so long as a spirit or presence keeps it alive. With magic, different things can happen, like when Buffy died and came back, she was a skeleton and then got her flesh back because of the spell, her soul came back.

I think the biting thing is basically a summoning ritual that just calls the demon into the body. So keeping that in mind, other demons and their own spells/magic can probably have similar effects to what Willow did with Buffy. They became ash, and from ash, the body would reform from where the demon spirit originally was, in the dead body of human. So the body dissolves, but the demonic presence returns to hell. And backwards, the demonic presence returns to earth, and it’s original vessel reforms so it has someplace to live.

I’m still figuring out the soul part, though.

BTW! This is all my theory . This is the stuff I think about in the shower, XDXDXD


This was very interesting to read :smile::facepunch: Cool theory ; )

The vampires are missing souls, so when Angel lost his, he went from nice, sweet to scary & murderous.
Wow, the term soulless is used to mean someone who is boring, dull, lacking emotions. However, Angel was far from lacking emotions.

In fact, it seemed more like an evil demon possessed him instead of his soul being ripped right out of his body :scream:


Honestly, I found Spike so confusing. For someone who doesn’t have a soul, he sure feels a lot of emotions such as love, hmm…:thinking:


Yeah, that’s what has me shook. Spike was a little less demonic than you’d expect a demon to be, like, the demon still had human emotions, which is super weird.

I can only think of it like this. When vampires are on Earth for soooooooo long, they end up behaving like the people they are around so much, which would be humans. It’s actually based on another theory, if you spend time with certain types of crowds, you start picking up the same habits and behaviors subconsciously.


Hmm, makes me wonder what more vampires are like this in the real world?
And oh man, he went from a raging evil vampire to a normal person pretty fast…:sweat_smile:


I’m the biggest Buffy fan! Have the limited edition Chosen box set, got a Sunnydale High hoodie for my birthday… (Also, Anyanka? :wink:)

Why can’t I vote on the poll? :cry:

Spuffy forever :heart:
I mean, he got his soul back for her! No way to beat that.


Oh my gosh, sorry!
I re-opened the poll …and closed it lol :smile:

Edit: I made a new, much better poll with more options ^^



Which person below is the best love interest for Buffy? :vampire:

  • Spike
  • Angel
  • Riley
  • Willow
  • Xander
  • Cordelia
  • Oz
  • Faith

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I frikkin LOVE Anya! She’s amaze.

I ship Angel and Buffy solely. My Mom likes Riley the most, though. So that’s a thing. XD

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That’s ok, that happens sometimes by accident :smile:
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Indeed, that I do know. XD


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In the mood to watch Buffy :rofl:


Ahhhhh Buffy!!! :yellow_heart:


That’s so like Buffy when it comes to saving the day :purple_heart:
She’s so awesome!

Angel X Buffy forever <3


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What’s your favorite episode(s) of BVS?