Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Oh my gosh, it’s so hard to choose when there are so many good episodes :scream:

My fav would probably have to be Halloween :thinking:

Idk why but I really love reading and watching Halloween stuff :orange_heart::jack_o_lantern:

I also liked Becoming Pt 1 & 2 as well as Graduation Day Pt 1 & 2

Also, I found the Episode Hush to be creepy and from the First Season, I loved these episodes very much- Nightmares, The Puppet Show, and Out of Mind, Out of Sight.

Really, there’s too many wonderful episodes ^^

They also had a musical (I think it was called Once More, with Feeling) and to be honest while the songs were fantastic I would rather have preferred it to be an Episode…:sweat_smile:


I liked Once More with Feeling moderately. I feel like that wasn’t the best way to reveal Buffy’s big news, but…oh well. I like Chosen…too epic. Too…epic. Chosen, Conversations with Dead People, The Body, The Gift, Bad Girls, Graduation Day and Killed By Death. I like the ones with creepy ass elements and awesome battles with mostly action or drama in the episodes. XD


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I watched this in my teen years. Man the memories. I loved Xander.


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Who’s your favorite character that died?


And stayed dead? XDXD


Jenny Calendar’s death was very sad. I liked her relationship with Giles; a librarian that prefers old books with a computer science teacher that’s pretty modern. Honestly, the way Angelus set her body up for Giles to find, the creep factor was high. It was one of those moments where you can’t help but get chills down your spine. Buffy is so good at doing that.

I thought Kendra the Vampire Slayer was badass…however she was gone too soon : (

And oh man, Tara’s death was super saddening. It wasn’t dark magic or anything demonic that took her life, it was a bullet. And it wasn’t meant for her. After that, Willow went full on revenge mode but luckily, went back to the side of good.

And probably one of the most saddest death’s ever-Buffy’s mom. She was an amazing person and seeing her go was upsetting. It was truly gut wrenching and probably the one that hit me the hardest, I’d say.

This was fun to write ^^


Oh my god, yay! I’ve never actually come across another group of people who watch BTVS. My mum watched it when I was a kid so that’s how I got into it and then I got my fiancé obsessed with it haha.
My fav character is definitely Spike. He’s pretty and he’s so so funny haha. Least fave is definitely between Riley and Xander. I used to love Xander but then I feel he gradually became a bit of a butthead. Don’t even get me started on Riley. Dawn was also pretty annoying. Then she became kinda badass.
Fave episode is a hard one. I can’t choose between Hush, Once More, With Feeling, Him, The Gift, Tabula Rasa and Life Serial. I don’t really have a least favourite episode, but I struggle to watch episodes with Riley haha. I’m also a Spuffy shipper


Riley gets on my nerves. Lol. Heard.

I will always be biased for Angel. Just can’t help it.


Sweets!! I miss Tara the most. She was very important for Willow and after she died, Willows evilness was one of my favorite things ever, but I don’t like how it changed her character so drastically after she wasn’t evil anymore, though I do understand it.

After some more time, I’d hope that Willow reverts back a little to being like old Willow.


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I am running out of questions, Jem. >.>


Who’s your least favorite character?


I didn’t like Dawn much to be honest :sweat_smile:


Ah. The annoying little sister.

I understand. I don’t like her character very much, especially in the beginning, but I love her season because of how she affects Buffy. Seeing her do so much for Dawn, it just really hits home with me.

If I was going to pick a least favorite…it is difficult because I love all of them at some point for some reason, and I also hate them all sometimes except for like Willow and Giles.

I’m leaning towards Spike kinda, tbh. I like him better as a villain, and then at the end when he’s all got a soul and such a little baby and then all rude at the same time. Idk. He leaves me with a bad taste.


I agree, Spike was way better as a villain :smiling_imp:
If he stayed one, his story would have been cooler
Also, it was so strange how he started liking Buffy. Dude, come on :laughing:
And Buffy didn’t even love him, yet he kept trying…smh, some people would give up but not Spike. Even if he’s been “spiked” by a thorn, he’ll keep going lol.


LOL, you are so precious. XDXD <3 <3


Has Buffy ever inspired you to write a character or a scene or a setting?