Buffy the Vampire Slayer


Yeah, it has. I’ve used some stuff from there to write some scenes in my notebooks when it comes to un-published stories (no plagiarizing though, 'cause that’s an awful thing to do :scream: )

It’s pretty inspiring. Buffy has a cool, wicked, epic story line that I just love and of course, so do many others : )

And it’s fun to write fanfic about ^^

My biggest inspiration will always come from Winx Club lol, shout out to them :partying_face:

Just joking, I’ve been inspired way more by other, much cooler shows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


DUDE!!! Winx Club is the bomb. I still watch it sometimes. >.> Don’t judge. XDXD

Yeah, nah. Buffy’s inspired me, too. Season 6 inspired me to create temples and things of the like, and the whole show inspires me creatively because it just has the best mix of everything.


Yeah, I still watch Winx Club sometimes as well XD

It was the number one thing I was super obsessed with when I was a child, hee hee…

Actually I still watch cartoons and other shows that are targeted for a much younger audience sometimes lol :laughing: #notashamed #proud :sunflower:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is just a bloody fangtastic show and super inspirational :vampire: :sunglasses: :black_heart:


You’re so punny <3


Bump :sunglasses: :sleeping:


Bump :vampire:


Bump :alien:


I’m watching Buffy today for my birthday ^^

Started with the first season, The Puppet Show ^^

Is very funny ^^


I love that episode, cannot believe Giles was almost killed that way, such a sad way to go! But yeah, can’t believe the puppet was good and he was just trying to do his mission :joy:


Yeah! It really threw you for a loop!! Moved on to season 2, and I’m watching the one where Darell* died and his brother is trying to make him a perfect girlfriend and he wants Cordelia. This one is really sad, too…I feel so bad for Darell* :frowning:

I don’t know why I put Derek at first >.> XD


Buffy is soooo good and you get so many feels from watching it :persevere::black_heart::heart:


Yup! The laughs, the happy, the sad, all of it!! Even all at once sometimes which is super confusing, too XP


Don’t think we’ve talked about this yet, which season is your favorite?


2 and 3 are my most favorites :wink:
What about yours?


3 and 5 ^^

Because I like all the big changes Buffy has to go through and the difficult decisions O.O

Call me immature or petty or something ^^’ but I’m not huge on 2 and 4 because of the emphasis on romantic angles in a lot of the episodes, lol - like it kinda…always comes up in every episode or every other episode ^^ Just get tired of seeing it after a while lol >.>


True, Angel as a villain was honestly really creepy-that’s actually my fav part of season 2. And yeah, I’m not a big fan of too much romance :joy:


My favorite part of season 2 is Spike showing up and wreaking havoc!! Hahah!! Best thing ever! Angel as a villain totally is inspirational, too, though. Just like…and the feels it gives you! OoO


Yep, Spike was so much better has a villain, should have remained that way :sob:


I cannot possibly agree more ^^


I loved Oz’s straight-forwardness and logical approach, and I loved Anya’s honesty and lack of filter. My favorite