Bug in face with hairstyle

Hello! I noticed a bug while editing a character
So basically when I choose the hairstyle: Medium Straight Down hairstyle
For some reason the right-part of the face doesn’t appear completely
Let me compare the same face shape with different hairstyles

Random hairstyle face1
VS. Hairstyle that bugs face 2

Let me show it with another face shape that makes the bug more obvious:

Random HS face 3
VS hairstyle that bugs face 4

This problem has remained for a few weeks, and it’s not only happening in the preview of the edition of a character, but in the preview of a story as well!

face 5

I hope they can fix it ASAP


Have you tried using other hair colors? It might just be a strand of hair thats supposed to be in front of their cheek?


I agree. It looks like she has a strand of hair in front of her cheek.


it most definitely is but the problem is that they should’ve shaded it a little lighter if the strand was falling on the cheek
us dark haired people with those face shapes look like our faces have been cut off :skull:

also the strand for this face shape looks really off putting, it should be falling slightly downwards


I hadn’t noticed that lol, it looks a bit weird but I do think it’s the color.

Thank you!

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That’s true :joy:

Thank you for responding!

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This has always bothered me about this hairstyle, and I never use it for this reason, even though it’s otherwise cute. I think it was intentionally designed that way, but it doesn’t necessarily fit all face shapes as intended.


See this~

See the hair it’s being passed between the joints?
It’s been happening to me with the hairstyle that fall on shoulders is it happening to you too?


They definitely could have shaded the edge of the strand better to highlight the edge on the darker colors, but I can understand a bit why they didn’t as it’s the underside of a curl/wave. Still would very very much help if they did though.

(Excuse my terrible outline I cannot draw on my phone to save my life)

I think the front section on that side is meant to be a bigger section partially in front of the face, but the angle doesn’t exactly give that impression well?

This bothered me a lot! The other day I was changing my hairstyle to this and I literally removed and glasses and put them on again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things lmao :rofl: Episode creators should’ve made it a little lighter or give it a highlight because I can’t use it in dark colours 🥲

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