BUG: Issue with the Pannable Feature

it appears that tapping on your screen a lot breaks the pannable feature and you won’t be able to move the screen anymore! is there any way to fix this??

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I personally did not face this problem, but as a writer with a pannable tappable game, quite a number of my readers faced this issue, till today.
A simple panning scene without being zoomed into is still alright.
Like in one of my mini games, I made the background in a zoomed vision, and I locked vertical panning, so the readers could only do horizontal panning. After the 2nd and 3rd try of the game, quite a number of them faced this issue; their phone screen feezes and they get stuck in the game.
But many of us don’t face it. Maybe it is got to do with the app version and your phone compatibility.
I’m not sure how will this get fixed.