Bug issues (portal/app)

Hey is anyone else having any isssues with previewing their story on the episode app. I’m trying to restart the the story progress but when I do it completly kicks me out of the app.

I’ve restarted my phone and redownloaded the app but still having the issue.

I can restart the episode but it doesnt give me any of my new changes. thats why i’m trying to do the restart my story progress. I’ve saved everything on the portal as well but still not working

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the restart button has been giving problems for some time - have you tried with the update script one?

yeah it does the same. it was working for me ealier today then just stopped

These are the buttons that are on it.

The restart episode works just doesn’t give me the new progress. The restart process just shuts everything down.

@Sydney_H do you know what I can do I’ve tried submitting a ticket about this a while ago but didn’t really get useful info about it

I usually use the “update script” one cause it always works, but let me try one of these on my app

Yeah. Like I said it doesn’t give me any of the new stuff that I’ve done if I do that one

I just tried both and they work :frowning: I don’t know what else to do other than sending a ticket

I did a month ago and all they said is try restarting your phone or try reinstalling the app which I’ve done. Didn’t really get anything back from that afterwards.

I’ve experienced this issue as well. I heard its prevalent among Android phone users. The Episode Team has been lazy on this issue for nearly two years… not much we can do about that. There are many bugs/issues they haven’t fixed. Best thing to do is to just go tot he “Story Modifier” page in the app, then go to flags, and select/unselect the gains. That way you can test out your different choices. That’s what I do now.

You’ll have to just go to the first episode and skip to the CC scene if you want to change character looks. Good luck!

Yeah I’ve had issues with it I didn’t realize it’s been that long. I’ve done that before too. It’s a hit or miss sometimes when I do that. Sometimes it adds the new stuff sometimes it doesn’t. It’s been super annoying.

@Sydney_H can u close won’t let me delete it. Issue was resolved

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: