BUG: mouse is not in sync with the line thing


So when I click on the end of one of the lines in my script, the black line that appears when you’re typing is miles behind where I clicked it. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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Yes, that happened also to me today! But only in longer lines.


yeah me too


Same it happened to me yesterday because when I go to my script on google chrome the highlight won’t highlight the other dialogue. see

it’s still there


OMG! I just made a thread about this! Glad it is happening to someone else too!
usually only happens on longer lines, but Iearned to use the & command so I don’t have to do such long lines.


same with me!


Hope episode fixes this soon, because I’m not always gonna remember to write shorter lines…




Same I hope they fix the problem I’m having too


I didn’t submit a ticket (I’m just not comfortable with sharing my information) but you guys should if you’re comfortable with it… I really hope this is just a passing bug… I hope it will be gone soon… I really hope this isn’t episode telling us to write shorter lines :sweat_smile:


The problem for me is that I literally can’t edit any of my dialogue if it is really long because the mouse won’t go all the way over to the other side of the screen without it going back to the beginning of the dialogue…


My problem is this

when I tap at the end of the dialogue the highlight won’t go on it and it started yesterday so yesterday and today I can’t fix my story


I did but it takes them a few days to reply


I hope they fix it soon because i really need to fix my story


Well, at least I know it’s a bug on their end. Still, though, this is very annoying.


Oh Frick I though this was just a WiFi bug, but now I see this –


It is because I can’t fix my story till they fix it




It’s still the same



This happened to me a lot! :sweat: Are you using a phone?